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I Have Sinned by Bill Clinton - Speech or Presentation Example

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In the paper “I Have Sinned by Bill Clinton” the author discusses the use of persuasive rhetoric by state leaders, which is often judged more critically than fanciful literary practices demand. Former US President Bill Clinton’s breakfast speech may be treated as an embodiment of political rhetoric…
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I Have Sinned by Bill Clinton
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Extract of sample "I Have Sinned by Bill Clinton"

Download file to see previous pages President Clinton addressed an audience comprising clergymen and ministers. The buildup to this event was much hyped as the earlier statement made by the President before the independent Ken Starr counsel on August 17, 1998, was charged with perjury and deliberate obfuscation of truth. Moreover, the earlier speech did not mention Monica Lewinsky and her family – a form of non-renouncing apology, which is a rhetorical ploy to generalize one’s actions, in a bid to justify one’s wrongdoing in a noncommittal manner. Such an approach diminishes the graveness of the action for which an entire nation was ashamed of, not to mention the tremendous social and psychological damage it did to Monica Lewinsky and her family.
Therefore, Clinton’s public address on September 11, 1998, laid down the premise for unconditional apologia which was expected of the US President this time around. This paper will analyze how far the debased President succeeded in stirring the emotional as well as the reasoned faculties of his audience. Rhetorical elements of the speech will be examined in the light of Aristotelean logic. Thereafter, an overall assessment of the impact of President Clinton’s address will be made according to Kenneth Burke’s arguments.
The paper will, first of all, discuss the background of the controversy. According to the independent counsel report, President Bill Clinton got involved in an illicit sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky, a White House intern, on the eve of re-election presidential campaigns in 1996. The report brought serious charges against the incumbent President, including impeachment, perjury, holding false testimony before the grand jury, obstruction of justice by witness manipulation and so on. What the report contained was explicitly related to evidential validation of President Clinton’s physical involvement with Monica Lewinsky (Time Inc 2010). ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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I Have Sinned by Bill Clinton Speech or Presentation.
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