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Changing the Electoral College - Essay Example

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There have been many changes since the 1787 system in United States. The Founders must not have thought about the rapid technological advancements, substantial federal bureaucracy, and progressively more populist approach that portray American life today. It can be said about the Electoral College, even if once a resourceful resolution to many of the 18th century problems, has today developed into merely an anachronism.
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Changing the Electoral College
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Extract of sample "Changing the Electoral College"

Download file to see previous pages Electoral College is a process in which different executives are selected; this is done by the people of the state such that they choose a number of persons classified as electors. Further it is described that the elector is the one who participates in the electing of the executive. Why it is called as an Electoral College is because all these electors work as a unit in determining the executive. Thus in the early 1800's, this term Electoral College came into common usage as the informal label for the group of citizens selected to cast votes for President and Vice President.
Selecting the Electors is an important task to be understood. However in the United States this process for selecting electors varies throughout. Usually, the political parties name electors at their State party conventions or by a central vote from the designated committee. Electors are often chosen to identify their service and commitment to their political party. The Electors may be State elected officials, party leaders, or even those person who have a political affiliation of some sort. Next the voters in each State opt for the electors on the day of the general election. As the procedure is different in each state therefore the electors' names may or may not be shown on the ballot below the name of the candidates running for President.
Past Present Contrast
In the present circumstances the Electoral College certainly operates in a different civilization from the one that present in 1787. Nevertheless the Electoral College has exposed an astounding capability to adapt to modern-day America. It may occasionally function in a different way than expected, but it still serves the political goals it was anticipated to serve. In truth, its process in modern times may be yet more valuable.
Critics of the "Electoral College" charge that the country's presidential election procedure does more to constrict the rights of individuals than to shelter federalism. In this framework, they often refer to the winner-take-all system regulated by most states, claiming that it causes the votes of several individuals to be wasted.
The 2000 election dispute
As this dispute goes, it could be seen that a Texan who voted for Al Gore in the 2000 election wasted his ballot for the reason that George W. Bush was awarded the state's complete slate of electors due to the "winner-take-all" regime.
In a direct accepted ballot vote, critics note, these votes would not have been wasted, they could have instead been integrated in the final national tally for Gore. Such points of views, however, are a bit untruthful. These votes were not wasted. They were merely transmitted on the losing side of a popular vote inside the state.
For this argument, if the 2000 election had been carried out based on nationwide popular vote totals only, would people assert that any vote for George W. Bush was wasted just because Al Gore won the popular vote Surely this would not have been the case as the votes for Bush were cast in an attempt to win.
Presidential Elections
The main outcome of America's presidential election progression is to safeguard the liberty of individuals mainly those in small states and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Changing the Electoral College Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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