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Election Analysis Paper - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Election Analysis Paper: Presidential Race One thing for sure is that the 2012 US Presidential elections will go in history as the most hotly contested presidential election. The presidential race was one in which both parties put a spirited fight…
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Election Analysis Paper
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"Election Analysis Paper"

Download file to see previous pages While Republicans had focussed their attention on the ailing economy and the proposed universal healthcare insurance taxation program, Democrats seemingly waiting on the little flaws and capitalized on them (Mathes and Presse 1). Perhaps what sold Obama candidature was the fact that he maintained close connection with the average Americans and proposed policies that most appealed to the majority. The importance of the presidential election was that it was going to determine what policies were going to be in force. Those interviewed by various media houses such as CNN had observed that the most pertinent concern for most Americans was the ailing economy which both candidates made promises to resolve once in office. While the Romney team had underplayed the Obama’s second term presidency on grounds that the next four years would be a repeat of the same policies, Obama had focussed on wooing voters that governor Romney promised to solve the problems without revealing his intended working formula (Mathes and Presse 1). Other issues that had played in the presidential race were foreign policy issues and the perceived manipulation of currency by China. Whether these issues were of primary concern to the common citizen, more than the joblessness and the healthcare program, or not, remain debatable. Even so, it emerged that security issues played a significant role in boosting Romney’s bid. Matters such the bombing of the US embassy in Libya were some of the issues that played significant role in the presidential race. This was because the initial intelligence report had blamed the attack on sporadic attacks rather than on terrorism. Therefore, as America went to the ballot in a hot contest of Obama-Biden versus Romney-Ryan, political commentators had observed that the outcome was largely unpredictable although Obama still had marginal points ahead of Romney prior to the elections. The only thing that was certain was that the difference in the outcomes would not be too big for whomever candidate wins. Working with volunteers, Democrats employed the formula of early voting where varied slogans motivating people were twitted and re-twitted. Although both sides invested heavily in advertising, political observers have attributed the success of the Obama presidency to the door-to-door campaigns (Cohen 1). As election results trickled in, the prediction that political analysts had made that the outcomes would be a picture of a hotly contested poll became apparent. Obama managed to emerge triumphant over Romney to become the second democrat after Bill Clinton to win a second term since Second World War. By managing to clinch a total of 65,258,278 popular votes and 332 electoral votes against Romney’s 60,658,920 popular votes and 206 electoral votes, one may observer that Republicans did not fair so badly in the presidential vote although they lost. Again, analysts have observed that the wives of both Obama and Romney also had some contribution to the outcomes with Michelle Obama being the most popular of the presidential aspirants (Horsey 1). Probably one could ask why the elections turned out as it did and what the contributing factors were. One may observe that voters’ decision was likely to have been influenced by a number of factors. Such were issues most pertinent to the electorate as well as those for which their preferred party stood. It is interesting to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Election Analysis Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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