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What is the link between resilience and complexity - Essay Example

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It shows how resilience is closer to a form of governance emphasizing on an individual’s responsibility. To better understand resilience along this line, a range of documents are and policy…
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What is the link between resilience and complexity
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Download file to see previous pages In the present world, changes are ever occurring, many of which come with difficulties of adapting to. Various difficulties in life have forced people to bounce back to their normal living styles even after the complexities of life. The bouncing back provides a definition of the resilience concept. In this paper, discussion is made on the inter-relation of resilience and complexity. Resilience thinking is elaborated to show its broad areas of application and the how it is taken in the social, as well as the political scenarios. Thus, resilience thinking is the solution to the problem of governance in this complex world.
Resilience is a principal concept in regard to government policy understandings. Currently, resilience is viewed as the ideal policy. It is, therefore, evident that resilience is a key facet on governance; as it shapes thinking. This complex world is in dire need of a new approach of governing. It is vital to note that the world is viewed as complex. Thus, without complexity, there would be no need of resilience. This is based on the fact that resilience thinking is involved with risks as well as complex aspects that influence the life of man. The synergy between resilience thinking in regard to governance and the complexity of the world will be under analysis.
Resilience has come to be recognized as central to international and domestic policy-making. It has come to be seen as the guiding principle of policy governance and a key political category of our time. For sustainable development, resilience has become a top priority, and an international development aid agenda, which is key to international security concerns since it is vital for disaster risk reduction. Resilience affects the way politics is conducted both at the domestic and international levels1. In this discussion, a range of issues and questions will be analysed in terms of resilience frameworks, from educational training in schools to the global ethics and from ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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