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The social construction of organizations: Organizational cognition and the role of networks - Assignment Example

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Organizational knowledge is defined as “group knowledge from several subunits or groups combined and used to create new knowledge, the resulting tacit and explicit knowledge” (Hatch, 2009). According to this definition there is a social theoretical and conceptual construct…
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Extract of sample "The social construction of organizations: Organizational cognition and the role of networks"

Download file to see previous pages If and when reality is socially constructed the subsequent knowledge management and transfer processes are inevitably influenced by a host of societal paradigms such as hierarchical and non-hierarchical structure related issues.
The theoretical and conceptual underpinnings of knowledge management and transfer processes are influenced by both endogenous and exogenous variables while the significance and extent of such influence has to be determined with a reference to organizational cognition and structures.
To identify and explain the existence of substantial evidence to prove that theoretical and conceptual constructs as developed in the organizational context concerning organizational cognition of knowledge management and transfer support the learning outcomes at the organizational level.
To identify and analyze a probable link or links between the modern organizational theory and the organizational cognition process concerning knowledge management and transfer as a socially constructed phenomenon.
According to Berger and Luckmann “reality is socially constructed” (Miller and Millen, 2000). The authors (Miller and Mullen) go on to identify some theoretical and conceptual paradigms for Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and CSCW disciplines in the sphere of knowledge management. The authors have built a network which serves as a prototype for the propagation of HCI and CSCW intelligence. According to the authors the construction of knowledge in organizations is determined by a process of social interaction which in turn is determined by both hierarchical and non-hierarchical social structures.
The following diagram illustrates how such hierarchical structures could influence societal transformation within the organizational environment, thus transferring knowledge from one group to the other. Knowledge management process identifies the existence of a hierarchical community structure within ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Social Construction of Organizations: Organizational Cognition and Assignment.
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