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Not yet confirmed. Something with politics or international law, but an easy one - Essay Example

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Media started with the advent of magazines and newspapers followed by the invention of audio and visual media like television and radio…
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Not yet confirmed. Something with politics or international law, but an easy one
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Extract of sample "Not yet confirmed. Something with politics or international law, but an easy one"

Download file to see previous pages ility to target a wide group of public and because the people themselves can start revolutions and take active decisions through the use of this media. Social media can serve a number of significant purposes in the modern societies. They are used as active modes of communication, raising awareness about political and social matters, entertainment, education, news and publications, public announcements, current affairs and so on. Also, the social media impacts the arena of modern politics through a combination of the important interfaces of social communications and the use of technology.
This report is prepared with the aim of discussing and evaluating the role of social media in different political unrest situations. The report is prepared by introducing social media followed by an analysis of the impact of social media on the national and international political scenarios. This is done by considering the examples of political unrest and protests in countries like Middle East, Philippines, Moldova and Iran and analysing the role that social media played in aggravating or controlling these situations. The report also includes a discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of social media in politics. A suitable conclusion is given by summarizing the entire write up and highlighting the main findings from the report.
Social Media Network (SMN) is a part of the Information Communication Technologies (ICTs). The social media networks can be defined as the online utilities and tools that facilitate communication, collaboration and participation in information generation through the digital mediums. 1Social media is an extended part of media which uses the information communication technologies to communicate and collect information through different channels formed by the convergence of technologies available in the foray of computing, microelectronics, optoelectronics, broadcasting, software and telecommunications. 2It can also be said that the social media ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Not Yet Confirmed. Something With Politics or International Law, But Essay.
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