Effects of Media on Political and Social Trust in US - Article Example

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This article stresses that media has been a function of the everyday life of American people for the longest time, it authorizes the decision and opinions of how people should behave. Media serves up-to-date news of political information, informing the general public about the central events…
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Effects of Media on Political and Social Trust in US
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Media has been a function of the everyday life of American people for the longest time, Media authorizes the decision and opinions of how people should behave. Media serves up-to-date news of political information, informing the general public about the central events of the day, in order to improve public conversation and commence informed participation among citizens. Moy and Scheufele (745) assert that public opinion data from the final two decades document a crisis of confidence in America. Citizens are expressing lower levels of confidence in government and in others. The political and social trust takes a concept of consciousness of stability predictability, expectations, inevitability, credibility, assumed good intentions, and orderly behavior. This report will demonstrate the effects of media on the political and societal trust in USA.
In democratic societies like USA, media ensures the exchange of opinions and points of view between the people in power and the general public. In liberal democracy, media facilitates public communication, informs the public, and represents the community. In democratic countries, freedom of press is guaranteed by law. The government may protect information from its public disclosure by classifying it as sensitive, classified or secret.
People are said to have political trust when they trust the actions and intentions of the government and politicians. Uncivil exchanges during talks shows drastically reduce social trust. Talk radio can provide an unstructured outlet for public expression. As listeners engage more and more with the medium, they become exhausted by the political system rather being motivated citizens. Thus, there is no long-term gauge on any medium to see how the media affect on trust in different times. Social trust is a belief in the honesty, integrity and reliability of others that enables participants to act together more efficiently. Scanning the papers and watching video entertainment content enhance social trust, while examining the television news undermine trust in others.
Studies have generated results that 20% of the overall public in America, have a greater impact on the political process than do those with more mixed ideological views (Moy and Scheufele 747). They are the most likely to vote, donate to campaigns and participate directly in politics. Some outlets or news channels such as CNN, ABC News and Fox News, are recognized by at least nine-in-ten respondents, which means that more respondents offer a survey of these outlets one way or the other (Moy and Scheufele 747). Outlets currently occupying more niche markets, such as Politico, the Economist or BuzzFeed, are recognized by only about a third of respondents. In a survey conducted it was observed that fully 81% of consistent liberals distrust Fox News, and 75% distrust the Rush Limbaugh Show (Moy and Scheufele 752).
To conclude, the news media plays an imperative role in democratic societies. A certain level of trust is a necessary but insufficient condition for the healthy functioning of any democratic system. Media use depresses trust in politicians, parties and satisfaction with democracy. The performance of government and other social institutions is powerfully influenced by citizen engagement in community affairs.
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