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The Role of Media in National and International Development - Essay Example

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The essay explores and discusses the role of media in national and international development in reference to the theories of community development. The media plays a critical role in both national and international development as postulated by the theories of community development and literature…
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The Role of Media in National and International Development
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Download file to see previous pages This essay stresses that the role of media in national and international development is best described in relation to the community development theories. The community development theories give a guideline on the practicability of the community development plan. They also analyse various aspects of development such as the forms and processes it takes. Some of the most common community development theories include the diffusion theory, the decentralisation theory, group development theory, group behaviour theory and the growth pole theory among others.
This paper makes a conclusion that the contribution of the media to the national and international development cannot be underestimated. An active and unbiased media is needed so as to maintain democracy, good leadership and equality in a country. It helps educate, inform, sensitise and mobilise the public among other functions. By carrying out the above functions, the media facilitates growth and development. National development is achieved through the positive change in the social, political and economic sectors of a country. On the other hand, international development is achieved thorough the creation of a developed world community. The dissemination of information portraying a positive image of the whole world has been the key factor in community development. The theory of community development helps in determining and understanding the role of media in development. The theories have been conceptualised to guide the implementers of policies focused to national and international development. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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