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Your staff documents numerous instances of neglect and emotional abuse, which you report to your local childcare protective services agency…
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Unit 3 Assignments and Discussions
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Download file to see previous pages Our staff documents numerous instances of neglect and emotional abuse, which we reported to a local childcare protective services agency (Feeney & Freeman 2012). Amazingly, investigation was conducted and the child allowed remaining in the uncles home. However, the situation seems not to improve.
The NAEYC code requires rights of the children to be respected. The individuals found to promulgate child abuse stand to be sued and imprisoned. In our case, the uncle and his girlfriend should be arrested and charged for causing emotional problem to the child.
You have a child in your room that has been diagnosed as having attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). He sometimes scares the younger children with his boisterous and frenetic activity. A parent who is a kindergarten teacher notices his behavior and asks you what the problem is.
The problem involves my child who has been diagnosed as having attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).The child scares the younger children with his boisterous and frenetic activity. In the process, a parent who is a kindergarten teacher notices his behavior and demanded to know from me (Feeney & Freeman 2012)..
The NAEYC evaluation the teacher of the program to liaise with the children, as well as the instructors of the standard paper and pencil. The test should be conducted in a manner as to avoid stressing the children. This can be attained through preparing the children psychologically and subject them to the test at a relaxed manner. In addition to that, the aide will do a lot of work and hence this can cause commotion within the class. Essentially, the tests should be conducted within the room and cover a large number of children. Once the children are separated, there are chances to have some of them frustrated and give inaccurate results.
According to NAEYC codes, the teacher should be strict on using the English language instead of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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