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Analysis of Student's Perception of Online Learning Research - Assignment Example

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The author examines the research conducted by Karl L. Smart and James J. Cappel the main focus of which was to study students’ perceptions of integrating online components into the learning activities. In particular, the researchers aimed at finding out how online learning is perceived by students.  …
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Analysis of Students Perception of Online Learning Research
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Extract of sample "Analysis of Student's Perception of Online Learning Research"

Download file to see previous pages The question arose as a result of more and more institutions’ using online learning for business and information systems (IS) instruction. In addition, more and more Universities start providing online courses. Therefore, it has become important to determine how in particular students perceive and react to the elements of e-learning, whether the course is totally online, or if some online elements are integrated into traditional (classroom) instruction model.
The study adds to the knowledge base of e-learning. In particular, it provides recommendations about how online learning approaches can be applied more effectively so that they enhance learning. The study also provides a basis for future research of the interdependence between students’ previous experience with technology and online learning and their attitudes towards online courses. In addition, findings of the study allow working further on determining the effects of interspersing online units that are considerably shorter in length into the traditional classroom model. In general, it can be said that among the greatest inputs of the research into the knowledge base is information on how e-learning can be enhanced, so that that the students percept it better, and are more successful in e-courses.
The participants of the study were students with different experiences taking online learning units. So, it might be assumed that different levels of experience with online learning might have some impact on students’ satisfaction with online instruction. Another variable to consider is that the students were taking two different courses – one was a required course, while another – an elective one. Therefore, the course content has shown to also have an influence on students’ satisfaction and success in the course.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Analysis of Student'S Perception of Online Learning Research Assignment.
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