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This essay "My Political Socialisation" discusses political views and what influenced and changed them to become what they are today as well as the reason behind political interests. It will also address the similarities and differences between politics in the country and in the UK…
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My Political Socialisation
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Download file to see previous pages My father reads political news from newspapers and political magazines as well as watching a lot of news and political discussions online. Views were weak but as I have developed the knack for politics and have surrounded myself with political friends including my father, I have found that my views are changing from being weak to strong. I cannot really confess to being that strong but I am not weak either. On the issue of voting, however, I am fairly strong enough in political affairs to change and be sure to make the correct voting decision based on my political analysis of the candidates. I have engaged in a few political activities and one peaceful political demonstration. I am however yet to identify a good political organization to become its member but it is on my agenda and will soon happen. These political activities have been influenced by my friends and my father. The political demonstration was my friends’ idea and influence which my parents did not agree to, however on the other political activities, my father has pushed and encouraged me and some even joining me to carry them out. Lucky for me, I have interest in politics even though they did not develop that long ago. What however impeded their quick development was the lack of political interest my mother and older siblings had and I spent a lot of time with them more than with my father because of his work. However, when he reduced his work travels and was home more often, I found my political niche slowly shifting. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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