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Political socialization is a very important process that creates and conveys the political culture of a society. Examine one of - Essay Example

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Political Socialization University Name Political Socialization Introduction Western society is supposed to be free. We are free to believe as we wish in an ideological, religious, and cultural sense. For the most part, the citizenry is permitted to carry on living their daily lives in the way that they see fit as long as they do so within socially constructed norms…
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Political socialization is a very important process that creates and conveys the political culture of a society. Examine one of
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"Political socialization is a very important process that creates and conveys the political culture of a society. Examine one of"

Download file to see previous pages The primary source of that information comes from the media. While the media in most western countries runs independently from government regulation within boundaries, it increasingly seems that they are not communicating all sides of any given story. When it comes to politics, the media becomes critical. Messages and information are disseminated through various media outlets including the television, Internet, and newspapers. Consumers, or private citizens, depend on this information since it allows them to formulate important decisions about who they feel should best govern the nation. As such, in recent years it appears that media has been more and more important to the political landscape of a country. They can shape policy and see to it that certain people are elected to office. It is indeed a big task, and media companies need to realize their responsibility to balanced and fair reporting of all of the facts, not just those that they feel will shape the course of the country in the direction they want to head. The media should provide reliable information, faithful reporting, and neutral guidance through the television, Internet, and newspapers because it is important that they convey positive information and do not misguide or leave out important information that the population needs to hear. The Influence of Television Since the days of black and white television, the media has had a profound impact on the political life in society. Television was the format where politicians were able to speak to the country. In fact, it was back in 1960 that America had its first Presidential debate between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon. Millions of people tuned in to hear what each candidate had to say. The impact should be obvious. In countries as populated at the United States, or as spread out geographically as Canada, people running for political office depend on the television to get their message out to the masses quickly. In addition, political parties and action groups depend on television advertising to point out their particular policies and why they feel the public should support their agenda. Another way that television impacts the political socialization of a country is through the actual political news that they choose to report and the spin that they put on certain topics. All three of these aspects combine to dictate the shape of politics, to a large degree, throughout much of the world. Let us analyze that first presidential debate. Many considered Richard Nixon a near certainty to win the election, but Kennedy dominated the series of debates broadcast on television. In addition, his campaign instituted a series of catchy jingles that caught the nation’s attention from coast to coast. Television enabled the charisma that was Kennedy to be displayed to the entire nation, rather then simply being delegated to a series of political rallies in select locations. At the same time, Nixon could not do the same. Television did not display him well, he underperformed in the debates, and his campaign never seemed to generate the same media attention that Kennedy’s did. In this manner, the media, in the form of television, almost single handedly delivered the election to Kennedy. He did not win a landslide victory, to be certain, but the amount of victory can largely be attributed to the influence of television (Mayer, 2007, p. 32). It is not only individual ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Political Socialization
...?Political Socialization Political socialization is the process by which the political values of a society are passed on to the next generation of citizens (“Political Socialization”). It is also the process by which the individual citizen, throughout their entire life, gains their political values and their ideas about politics (CliffsNotes). The agents of political socialization are those groups through whom these ideas are passed onto the individual citizens. These include the family unit, the...
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Political Socialization
... Section/# Political Socialization When speaking about one’s political socialization, it is a topic that involves ahost of different issues. The can include but are not limited to, personal experience with the political process, religious beliefs or lack thereof, educational influences, as well as world views and/or belief systems espoused by the family in which one was raised. As such, this brief analysis will attempt to weigh and analyze the type of different political socialization experiences that have shaped the way in which this author engages or chooses not to engage in the political arena of our nation. The first of these factors can be traced to the fact that although I consider myself to be a believer, I do not allow my... have...
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Political Socialization and Ideology
...? Political Socialization and Ideology Political Socialization and Ideology INTRODUCTION: As humans it is quite natural for us to involve amongst each, share each other's issues and concern, mutually cooperate and work together in order to form a stable society that is governed on principles of fraternity, brotherhood, equality, collaboration, peace and love. When a society is formed then the need arises which requires individuals to have some sort of governance and leadership in order to maintain and regulate peace within the region. This is the point where politics emerges and individuals start to develop their...
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Political socialization
...and initiate the changes in it. The changes are not always demanded for the comforts of living. In a culture of mixed races, ethnic groups and castes it becomes demanding to survive, to expand, to initiate and to change for the benefit of the future generations. Hence it becomes very necessary to analyze the process by which political opinions are formed and take shape. If we look at the process more closely any member of the society would not be having his or her own opinion till the age of pre teen that is twelve. That is the age when one is in awe with the figures of authority in the family. Then the figures are...
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Political science Political culture
... to how Miller has written the piece would demonstrate how the story could be classified not strictly as a news story owing to the biased reportage – one undertaken to advance the liberal view on the subject. Miller wrote and investigated an outline of the reasons why the religious arguments in opposing gay marriage are unfounded and unreasonable. The author’s involvement in the story underscores how this issue has divided American society, rousing the active political participation of stakeholders from both sides of the political spectrum in political debates and other initiatives so as to influence legislations in this area. The conservatives are rallying against gay marriage while the liberals are mustering its force to support... of the...
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Political socialization *** See Below***
...such parents, family, Friends, Teachers, Media, Genders, Religion, Race, Age, and Geography play crucial roles to influence the political socialization of a child. Scholars often divide these agents into two categories: primary group and secondary group. Political socialization of a man is influenced by the face-to-face interactions of a man with the primary agents such as parents, family members, friends, etc, whereas the secondary agents –mass media, religion, civil groups- affect a man’s mind indirectly and in a round-about way. As far as media is associated with the interest of individuals or organizations, the process of “gatekeeping” is of crucial...
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Political Socialization
.... voters consequently considered terrorism as one of the most pressing concern during such time, where most voters cast their votes in favor of U.S. presidential candidate Bush as he emphasized on fighting terrorism (Davis 11). Wolfsfeld reiterated that media determine what individuals and society should think about (104). Meanwhile, Spiro Kiousis explored the influence of agenda setting in voter turnout among adolescents in Colorado, Florida, and Arizona from 2002 to 2004. Findings suggest that agenda setting serves as a critical process of socializing adolescents to the political system. It helps shape adolescent’s assumption and...
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Political socialization
...through the voice of the youths demanded a reduction of the age of the presidency; in places where presidency was a preserve of the elderly. The presence of the internet has created a situation that blends all these innovations. Youths have access to online radio stations. Events are streamed live on websites and video clips are attached to social websites for all to view. The social websites have given room for political to be questioned directly on matters that concern they people they lead. The sites have created a social forum where anything can be discussed regardless of the geographical barriers. These developments are new and are...
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Political Socialization
...Tea Party Movement and the Occupy Wall Street Protest Political socialization refers to a life-long process that attributes its shaping effect to contributions by individuals and institutions. Political socialization enables individuals to get a good understanding of the political attitudes and behaviors. It takes place both at the individual and group level and goes beyond the acquisition of political attitudes and behaviors to include the learning and understanding of more advanced political ideologies. Some of the most common topics encountered here are Occupy Wall Street and The Tea Party...
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Political socialization
...and extremism is usually determined by differences in perspectives between different personalities and opinions as they apply to the process of socialization. Cultural factors and dominant philosophies may also impact on the trends and processes of political socialization. People sharing the same cultural values will often tend to adopt similar political views due to the same cultural foundation of political socialization. Like other kinds of socialization, political socialization is also subject to...
3 Pages(750 words)Essay
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