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Political Socialization and Ideology - Essay Example

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As humans, it is quite natural for us to involve amongst each, share each other's issues and concern, mutually cooperate and work together in order to form a stable society that is governed on principles of fraternity, brotherhood, equality, collaboration, peace and love. …
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Political Socialization and Ideology
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Download file to see previous pages Blue: The Political Typology) TYPOLOGY AND DEMOGRAPHICS: Yes, my demographics match those with the typical person in my quiz. The majority of the traits that are present in a main street republican that is I am very critical and observant about how the government functions in American society. I believe in religion and the values that come along with it therefore I completely oppose marriages of the same sex and abortions. I do not find charm in greed and hence business does not enamor me much. I support all the efforts made by the government in order to protect this environment. And finally I have faith in labor as hard work always pays off irrespective of how crucial the circumstances might be. The only point that I disagree over is when it comes to my typology is that I support social welfare programs to an extent. There are many Americans who are in need of support by the government to make both ends meet, therefore such programs should regulate.Lastly I do support immigrants as through their efforts there have been positive benefits to our current economy. The main street republican group thus closely matches my typology. ANALYSIS OF MY SURVEY RESULTS Like I mentioned previously that my results are quite agreeable with only a few reservations that I have regarding them. My result stated that I am a main street republican which is the best group they could put me too. Since I support the Republican government and I totally side them with most of the characteristics they believe I possess. A "Main Street Republicans differ from Staunch Conservatives in the degree of their conservatism and in their skepticism about business. They are socially and fiscally...
The subject of political sociology and ideology is quite important as it helps individuals to understand the depth of politics and their stance over it. Politics is an integral component of every person's life as it directly or indirectly affects an individual in various manners. By studying political sociology one can easily affiliate himself to the prevailing system and do his best in order to change the system if required. As a main street republican I believe that the present system is the best way to sustain as it allows the direct involvement of public in the state affairs making it an issue of the entire nation. Certain amendments and strict laws and regulations need to be made in order to overcome prevailing social evils in the society. Thus "Greatness is rare and great men are few; but republican government puts power in the hands of many rather than few." ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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