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The objective of this qualitative study will be to explore the influence of socialization and ambition may have on the under-representation of women in the U.S. Congress - Thesis Example

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This is how a child is able to start forming opinions as well as personal views about different things. Most of the time children get their views from parents as well as other adults around them. These…
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The objective of this qualitative study will be to explore the influence of socialization and ambition may have on the under-representation of women in the U.S. Congress
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"The objective of this qualitative study will be to explore the influence of socialization and ambition may have on the under-representation of women in the U.S. Congress"

Download file to see previous pages Children will also identify with the political ideologies that are supported by their parents.1
It has been proven that the children of educated parents tend to support ambitious characters. Since children at this stage tend to identify with their families, it is this support that can inspire a female child to harbor dreams of being an achiever in later life. In addition, parents from higher socioeconomic settings are usually more concerned with political developments. They also expose their children to political systems and encourage them to develop opinions about various political aspects.
The daughters of parents who dynamically speak about politics with their offspring tend to be more assertive in stating their views about various political functions. Family discussion patterns that include parents cheering their children when they express their personal political opinions are frequently better oriented toward participation in public affairs. Conversely, there are parents that do not encourage their children to develop political and other views that are in any way different from their own. These parents emphasize on the significance of being respectful and promoting social harmony by maintaining that their children have to avoid any deep arguments or give in immediately they sense that the person they are arguing with is unfriendly. Daughters from such families are usually more likely to embrace traditional roles that call for them to be accepting of other’s opinion. Daughters from socio-oriented family units are usually less critical of facts, and experience few arguments in the home. Such realities encourage them, from a young age, to value social harmony over exploring new fields which may bring considerable challenges and conflicts.2 Moreover, the daughters from families that support open communication and the development of distinctive ideas are encouraged to be more daring and to engage in critical thinking and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Objective of This Qualitative Study Will Be to Explore the Thesis)
The Objective of This Qualitative Study Will Be to Explore the Thesis.
“The Objective of This Qualitative Study Will Be to Explore the Thesis”, n.d.
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