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Use of Psychoanalysis in Feminist Theory - Literature review Example

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The paper "Use of Psychoanalysis in Feminist Theory" discusses that feminist theory uses psychoanalysis to explain how dissimilarities in political participation between men and women are as a construct of a patriarchal society that requires daughters to be subservient to men in society…
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Use of Psychoanalysis in Feminist Theory
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Extract of sample "Use of Psychoanalysis in Feminist Theory"

Download file to see previous pages Feminist theorists apply psychoanalysis to explain relations between females and males through reformulation of Freud’s theories of the unconscious and subconscious, as well as childhood development and human emotions.  It is their belief that conscious calculations are insufficient explanations for patriarchal production and reproduction, relying on Freud’s psychoanalytic concept that gender as a phenomenon is not biologically determined (Mitchell, 2011: p17). Thus, feminist theorists like Nancy Chodrow, Ellyn Kaschak, and Erich Fromm build, on the psychoanalytic theory, to emphasize the importance of unconscious processes of the mind and issues of child development to explain human behavior. This paper will seek to discuss how feminist theorists have used psychoanalysis to explain human social, political, and economic behavior.
The feminist theorist Nancy Chodrow developed a version of the psychoanalytical theory that differed from the original approach by Sigmund Freud, focusing on the child’s early development with their mothers to explain social behavior in humans (Garner et al, 2012: p34). The girl child keeps a close association with her mother and becomes more feminine, which shares similar pessimism to the psychoanalytic concept concerning equality of gender. Feminist theory, however, on top of Psychoanalytic emphasis on the perception of anatomical differences between females and males, out its belief that the child’s early experiences with his/her mother have a profound impact on socially constructed gender roles. Chodrow (2009: p43) goes on to propose that the pre-oedipal period, which predominates in the child’s early life is more significant than the latter Oedipus complex onset period. In this case, the social development for females and males are different; females mother all children.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Use of Psychoanalysis in Feminist Theory Literature review, n.d.)
Use of Psychoanalysis in Feminist Theory Literature review.
(Use of Psychoanalysis in Feminist Theory Literature Review)
Use of Psychoanalysis in Feminist Theory Literature Review.
“Use of Psychoanalysis in Feminist Theory Literature Review”.
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