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Lacan: A Sexist - Essay Example

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Name Professor Course Date Lacan: A Sexist? The sexual characteristic of a person has always been a debatable issue at any time. Often, a person is judged by gender and not by capabilities and knowledge. It is a well-known fact that the female gender is considered as subordinate of its male counterpart…
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Lacan: A Sexist
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Lacan: A Sexist

Download file to see previous pages... How can a person be considered as one? The dictionary meaning of the word sexism according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary is “prejudice or discrimination based on sex; especially: discrimination against women.” It has one of the oldest forms of discrimination together with racism. The term sexist pertains to those people who just by a person’s gender or sexual preference will be judged without further analyzing his/her background and capabilities. Sexism has the same principles as racism. The only difference is that instead of considering a person’s race, it is the person’s gender or sexual characteristic that is taken into account towards that person’s judgment. Jacques Lacan is a French psychoanalyst and psychiatrist. The ideas that Lacan presented can be considered as a better version of Freud’s. Though Lacan’s ideas are influenced by that of Freud’s, it is constituted from a structuralist point of view. Further reading on the author’s works testifies that his viewpoint was not influenced only by the works of Freud, but of Darwin as well. (Evans 38-42; Lacan 1-3). His works said to have impacted a number of areas in the psychological and philosophical disciplines including what is perceived as the feminist theory or gender inequality. According to Evans (38-39), “whether used in the clinic or the seminar room, Lacan’s ideas are hopelessly inadequate because they are predicated on a false theory of human nature.” It was a strong statement that was put up against the theories of Lacan since it is also being based on other theories such as those of Freud and Darwin. However, in the analysis of Evans, there is quite an emphasis that was given to term that Lacan used in his theories. This is the term libidinal that derived its root from the term libido. It is a scientific term used mainly in the field of medicine, yet there is a connotation for this term which is inkling towards the male sexual characteristic (Evans 45-50). In the essay that was published by Evans towards the works of Lacan, there was a quote by the French psychoanalyst that the author cited. The statement in Evans work was: “by the early 1950s, the mirror stage was no longer simply a moment in the life of the infant, but ‘a permanent structure of subjectivity’, an ‘essential libidinal relationship with the body image’” (Evans 45-46). Such emphasis towards the pronunciation of the word libidinal is not just evident on the quotation which was cited by Evans. In the works of Lacan, it seemed that the word was given over exposure that the reader will not miss out what is being emphasized, the domination and evolution of the male sexual characteristic (Lacan 1-7). One can even conclude that the term was given over-exposure towards the works of Lacan. A reader can be exposed to the idea that the psychoanalyst is giving favorable studies and theories towards the male gender and disregarding the female counterpart. There are also other ways that Lacan can be concluded as a sexist. According to Pattalung et al., there is a sexist language that a person or a sexist uses without any confirmation from the person. Accordingly, one can conclude that the person or the author is a sexist. There are 5 types of sexist language that can be observed in the way that sexists construct their sentences (Pattalung and University of North Texas 32-33). Continuing on the proposal of Pattalung et al., the first type of sexist language ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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