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The role that agents of socialization play in shaping an individuals political culture - Essay Example

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In fact, family, media, education system and religion plays a pivotal role in shaping the beliefs and values an individual forms on political culture.
One of the important agents of political…
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The role that agents of socialization play in shaping an individuals political culture
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Extract of sample "The role that agents of socialization play in shaping an individuals political culture"

The Role That Agents of Socialization Play in Shaping an Individual’s Political Culture ABC 12/8 Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3
Conclusion 4
References: 5
The political culture that an individual shares is influenced by many factors. In fact, family, media, education system and religion plays a pivotal role in shaping the beliefs and values an individual forms on political culture.
One of the important agents of political socialization is the family. Certain characteristics of the parents can be observed in their offspring. Children may have actually received and qualified the political heritage from their own parents (Beck & Jennings 1972).
Media has emerged as an autonomous and increasing force recently in influencing the political culture of individuals. In fact, journalism has the capability to challenge the political arrogance displays and acts as a potential channel to display the voices of political situations in a particular region. The news media conveys messages, meanings and symbols to the wider society and political news can actually affect the image of a politician or a political party in general (Schudson, 2002).
Education system also has a role in forming the political culture of an individual. People learn through the various books, theories and history the political culture and heritage enjoyed in the country. Also civics and law gives a lot of insight about the political structures and systems prevalent and the constitutional rights enjoyed by a particular nation thereby helping an individual to form an opinion (Zechenter, 1997).
Other than these, religion and the workplace of an individual are important components shaping the political culture of an individual. Religion is especially a dominant force in forming political culture. Also the workplace of an individual helps him to get information and form opinions about political culture. If the individual meets people from different regions coming from varied cultures, values, beliefs and religions then he may have more knowledge about the cultures and opinions of other individuals.
However, according to me the education systems and the media portrayal of the issues taking place have helped in forming a political culture. The history and civics subject helps us to know more about the political systems in the country and the media including newspaper, television and radio have helped in forming my personal opinion about the political culture. Another important factor which helped to shape my political culture is my parents, peers and relatives. Discussions and debates help in knowing more information thereby helping in forming an opinion about the political culture. To conclude, a culmination of all factors like parents, education system and media has been the greatest influence in shaping my political culture.
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