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Public Opinion & Public Policy - [400 Level Political Science Course] - Research Paper Example

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It entails the collection of the opinions held by different categories of people in the public arena, and their summation to represent their stand point (Guimond,…
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Public Opinion & Public Policy - [400 Level Political Science Course]
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Download file to see previous pages The public then evaluates the agenda, based on the values and beliefs, as well as the preferences, and then give their opinion regarding the same. However, most significant of this concept, is the framing of the agenda and the ideas sought by the media. This is because, based on the way a certain agenda is articulated, the same individual can give diverse opinions (Jopkke, 251). Therefore, framing of the public opinion agenda should be done consistently with the actual target information that the agenda is to gather. Social desirability is yet the other consideration that should be made while preparing for a public opinion. The medium that is used to collect public opinion highly determines the response that is obtained (Guimond, 645). This way, the same issue can fetch different responses based on the medium applied. Thus, it is vital to use a medium that is socially desirable to all. This will assure getting the right response on the target issue.
The study of public opinion is important. From the beginning of the concept of public opinion, the views obtained from the opinions given by the public regarding a certain issue, have not only been used to give public views regarding the issue, but also to shape and determine the destiny of such an issue (Hugh, 69). A public opinion indicates the attitude, the feelings, the approval or the disapproval of a certain issue by the public. This being the case, it is important to study public opinion, since it helps to understand the real feelings and attitudes that the public holds towards a certain issue (Guimond, 644). Failure to study public opinion would mean that certain decisions are reached on the basis of what certain individuals feel or think, devoid of incorporating the feelings of the public, which is the most affected entity by any social, economic or political ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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