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Arab countries and Israel wars are significant aspects of history up to today as there are different perspectives and arguments based on the real causes of these wars was. Considerably, most of the disputes under the Arab-Israel situation based on the nationalism in the Arab…
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The origins of the Arab- Israeli wars
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Download file to see previous pages agenda and conflict emanated in 1948 after Israel was born; resultantly, this aspect makes the comprehensive conflict an international and modern marvel especially due to the five wars that followed. Additionally, also other significant political events arose from the same occurrence i.e. uprisings by the Palestinians.
In 1880’s, there was an increase in the European-Jews that immigrated to Palestine causing many rigidities between the Palestinian-Arab residents and the different movements under Zionism. Nonetheless, the Jews in Palestine continued to increase and this affected even parts of land that were under the rule of Ottoman, where the Jewish communities settled and started agricultural projects. Moreover, some of the Jewish communities also acquired land from individual prominent Arabs with the number of Christians and Jews increasing by day. However, according to Ottoman and Robert (Statistician General of Israel), it took time before the Jews and Christians were nearly as half the number of Palestinians and Muslims.
Later on in 1917, political actions took an unexpected turn especially through the Balfour Declaration of Palestine that gave the power of recognition to the settlement of Jews in the Palestinian land. The Great Britain Government facilitated the declaration during the period of the Obligatory Palestine, and a result it was the source of major conflicts between the full-time dwellers and the immigrants. Ottoman was a significant factor of the tensions as the immigration took place during his time and ruling. Faisal- Weizmann Agreement followed two years after the declaration to try to reduce the tension between the two groups. The agreement encouraged collaboration between the Arabs and the Jews especially on the aspect that both communities would live together in Palestinian Land. However, the idea of leaving a part of the Palestinian Land did not entirely impress the Arabs and the agreement did not have much of an impact to the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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