Territorial Disagreements between the Jewish People and the Palestinian Arabs - Research Paper Example

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From the paper "Territorial Disagreements between the Jewish People and the Palestinian Arabs" it is clear that in the Arab world, the issue of conflict is the rights and privileges of the Islamism and Nationalism, and also about the harmony and oppositions of an ideology of each other. …
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Territorial Disagreements between the Jewish People and the Palestinian Arabs
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Extract of sample "Territorial Disagreements between the Jewish People and the Palestinian Arabs"

Download file to see previous pages According to this Declaration, the British government supported the Zionist movement which demanded territory in Palestine exclusively for the Jews. This territory would provide all the legal and civil rights to the Jews. With the Balfour Declaration, the British government established a national home for the Jews without violating the rights of the existing non-Jews in Palestine or the rights of the Jews in any other country (Gelvin, 2005). Both the communities asserted their legal claim on Palestine. While the Jews demanded that they have historical rights over the territory, the Arabs have claimed that they have inhabited Palestine for many centuries (Khater, 2010, p.143).
It is only political stubbornness that is causing hindrance to peace between the Israelis and the Arabs. There has been already a proposal that dictates that the two sides should accept the division of the territory into two states. This proposal has been advocated globally, and even by the majority of ordinary Israelis and Palestinians. It now remains that the leaders on both sides come to a common agreement. Even though proposals from both sides are very close, still the current Israeli Prime Minister shows no sign of relent claiming that the conflict cannot be solved (Hill, 2012). As another possible solution there can be a one-state solution by which Jews and Arabs will stay together with common political and social rights. However, seeing the murderous hatred between them even this cannot be a viable solution as this can only probably cause another holocaust.
The impact of World War I can be long-lasting in the Middle Eastern region.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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