Why State Powers Have Gradually Shifted to the National Government - Essay Example

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The author concludes that a process of nationalization is justified because globalization has led to a smaller world. Hence, the country’s agenda should be one as opposed to that of each state, which will ensure that the nation prevails on its soil and in the global environment…
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Why State Powers Have Gradually Shifted to the National Government
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7 October Why Powers have gradually shifted to the National Government The constitution is very clear on the separation of powers between the national government and the states. However, over time, powers have gradually moved from the state to the national government for various reasons. Why have they done so?
The national government has taken precedence over clashing laws in the states. It has done so through national legislation. In scenarios where states have been unable to reach decisive or conclusive agreements on various laws, they have turned to the national government for a clear guideline on the said laws. Hence, the national government has been able to utilize such occurrences to exert its laws and regulations on the state (Schmidt, Shelley and Bardes 98).
Taxation has been an issue. Many states have their sources of income tax. However, the national government, in its quest to raise more revenue for the country’s agenda, has instituted numerous mechanisms that enable it to get a large share of the tax that states collect. It has enabled the national government to suppress the federal government as its needs increase day in day out.
Controversial issues such as abortion and same-sex marriages have allowed the national government to influence states. It is not clear what laws, especially pertaining to such controversial issues should be followed. However, national laws have prevailed in the country concerning such controversial issues as individual states continue to deliberate on the way forward.
The process of nationalization is justified, because in the current world, globalization has led to a seemingly smaller world. Hence, the country’s agenda should be one as opposed to that of each state, which will ensure that the nation prevails on its soil and in the global environment.
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Schmidt, Steffen, Mack Shelley and Barbara Bardes. American Government and Politics Today, 2009-2010, Alternate Edition. Boston: Cengage Learning, 2008. Print. Read More
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