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UK Security Management Practice and Regulatory Acts - Essay Example

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This paper talks about UK Security Management Practice and Regulatory Acts. In the UK, several national government agencies are entrusted with investigations including the ordinary police or the criminal investigation division or Scotland Yard and the secret intelligence agencies…
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UK Security Management Practice and Regulatory Acts
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Download file to see previous pages This essay stresses that the role of the private companies in breaching the gap made by inadequate public security forces to curb crime and insecurity especially in the face of new threats including terrorism, cyber crime and juvenile delinquency including drug abuse and malicious damage provide a valuable service to the country. However, the PSI Act seeks to regulate the sector to ensure conformity with the rules especially regarding privacy and other human rights infringements that may be easily possible under an ambiguous setting. Investigative security agents within the private sector must therefore perform their duties in total compliance with these regulations and guidelines. Within organisations, internal investigations are often the subject of much controversy especially due to the likelihood of violating employee human rights when intruding on their personal information.
This paper makes a conclusion that security management as practised by both public and private investigators is thus confronted by many obstacles as they seek research or information on individuals in addition to when doing other security duties particularly due to the proliferation of many indistinct rules that grant much advantage to subjects under investigation and even criminal elements that are protected by these legislative Acts. Although these Acts are primarily aimed at protecting intrusive and unsolicited violations of individual privacy and human rights, they inadvertently hinder proper investigation, research and crime prevention. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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