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The author of the essay "Extracurricular and Personal Activities " demonstrates that a special personal experience I had recently was going on a pilgrimage to Mecca. This was a life-changing experience for me. Praying in Mecca was a powerful experience, but I did so much more than pray. …
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Extracurricular and Personal Activities

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The other aspect of my trip to Mecca that was fascinating was the contact with other cultures. I learned several new words in Arabic, Turkish and Hindi each day. Seeing so many people from different cultures, all in the same place to worship and serve was a wonderful experience. Read More
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(Extracurricular and Personal Activities Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
Extracurricular and Personal Activities Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
“Extracurricular and Personal Activities Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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...?Please briefly elaborate on one of your extracurricular activities or work experiences in the space below. Extracurricular activities are extremely essential along with education to promote good health and learning. I was always encouraged by my family to actively participate in extracurricular activities so that I enjoyed a healthy lifestyle and my parents always used to come to my matches to further encourage me. Therefore I liked to play games during my years of school but in particular I was interested in the game of handball. The team of handball has seven players and I was one of the players who played in the...
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...HI I SENT YOU AN EMAIL DIDN'T HEAR BACK. DOUBLE CHECK YOUR SPELLING OF RELEVE ARABESQUE..I JUST WANT TO BE SUREALSO ADD THE COUNTRY OF THE PRESIDENTYOU PERFORMED IN FRONT OFIE PRESIDENT OF (COUNTRY)THEN DELETE THESE LINES AND THE PAPER WILL BE BACK TO CORRECT FORMATGOOD LUCK!!!!!! 1. What activity has been meaningful to you and why If I have to choose one activity it is dance. Performing on the stage evokes, in me, an indescribable joy. Ballet exudes grace and poise and yet, matches it with strength and discipline. The moments on stage, when I become a visual instrument of the music and execute a perfect ninety degree releve arabesque are almost beyond words. The privilege of sharing my passion...
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...disadvantages, which tend not to focus on differences between structured and unstructured time, instead taking extracurricular activities at face value as specific comparative entities. Students who participate in afterschool extracurricular activities will not waste a lot of time watching television, which is an inherently passive medium in which social interaction is warped and restricted in terms of personal control. “A recent synthesis study of 15 youth development programs, for instance, finds that those with the most holistic, least targeted approaches also benefit kids academically, while a long-term study of 120 community youth programs...
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...(Your College entrance essay on an extracurricular activity I am member of Cross Country team; I was not a top performer when I joined the team. The teammates helped develop my athletic skills and I started doing well in competitions. Along with athletic skills, I developed leadership traits. I transformed into an extravert and I helped other team members. I helped them in developing their racing skills. I started getting along with teammates and we helped each other in solving the challenges we faced in competitions. I started setting high aims for my team and myself and we strived hard to get those aims. These goals were realistic but were complex, our devotion and hard work aided us get these goals. I...
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...participated in a common activity inspired me to start a dance initiative at my school in order to help other students who needed help socializing. Thanks to the upperclassmen who let me cut the rug with them during our vacant periods and after classes, I learned more and more intricate dance moves. Moves that they encouraged me to learn and actually choreograph whenever inspiration struck. Their patience and guidance helped boost my self confidence and trained me to develop more grace and fluidity in my dance moves. That initiative led my creating a 5 person dance crew which tried out and performed at various school programs. We all learned about the real meaning of teamwork and how the success of...
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...Pain related research question Insert Pain related research question In the first video, the patient seems content with the pain reliever he is being given and he says that the pain had subsided; he was able to sleep but the pain was coming back after four hours of taking the first pain reliever. In the second video, the patient is complaining of pain and says that alcohol or cigarette could help to relieve the pain. It is clear that the pain relievers’ effects subside after some time. The research question should be; pain relievers and their efficacy in different individuals: which pain reliever is better? Different pain relievers have different efficacies and accumulated research shows that certain actors in an individual... related...
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...Extracurricular Activities and Scholastic Success Chapter 1 Introduction Throughout the early portion of the 21st century media coverage on education has primarily focused on the implementation of NCLB and the increasingly important standardized test scores. However, as schools refocus their efforts to emphasize the core areas of reading, math, and science, creativity, teamwork, and critical thinking are being squeezed out to the model for success. Extracurricular activities or ‘out of school time’ compliments the traditional academic day by creating a platform of social networking when not in school. Furthermore; via the multitude of options, such as athletics,...
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