Why you feel college students do or don not benefits from participation in extracurricular activities - Essay Example

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Extracurricular involvement of students on college campuses is one the most important part of their personal development as they gain and improve their skills by involving in these activities for entertainment, social, and enjoyment purposes…
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Why you feel college students do or don not benefits from participation in extracurricular activities
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"Why you feel college students do or don not benefits from participation in extracurricular activities"

According to a 1993 article by Alexander Astin, almost any type of student involvement in college positively affects student learning and development. In order to develop an all rounder individual, the extracurricular activities should positively impact on students' emotional, intellectual, social, and inter-personal development. Students learn to negotiate, communicate, manage conflict and above all build and maintain relationship with fellow individuals through these activities.
These out-of-the-classroom activities help students establish socially by providing a setting for student interaction, relationship formation, and discussion. Involvement in all such activities helps them to understand the importance of critical thinking skills, time management, and academic and intellectual competence. Working with diverse groups of individuals allows students to gain self-confidence, improve their leadership and interpersonal skills. These involvements, allows students to expand their horizons, associate academic knowledge with practical experience, self realization of talents, meet people they might otherwise not encounter, and learn about things outside their own environment.
Several researches suggest that extracurricular activities can benefit students at all levels. Read More
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