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Working in the Sport Sector - Coursework Example

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Managing one's career has never been as important as it is today. The necessity for toning up the abilities and skills required to stay fit in the competition are increasingly realized by the young generation. Students should plan to participate in a professional job environment even before they enter the job market…
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Working in the Sport Sector
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Download file to see previous pages For that, the individual must determine his/her career goal in the beginning and strive to attain the goal through planning and implementation. Therefore, it is necessary to look upon how one can determine a career goal, develop a plan and strategies to achieve the goal and keep oneself ahead in the dynamic environment of job market. The present work discusses and exhibits the basic issues on career planning and development in detail and how one is able to develop a career plan who wish to attain a job in the sports sector.
One can prepare for a career in a variety of ways. Some careers are normally entered through an apprenticeship, vocational school, or on-the-job training program. Others require either a four-year or five-year college degree. One should know the educational requirements for his chosen career; where are the appropriate schools located What are the entrance requirements How long is the training Such information can be had from the official websites of governmental and non-governmental agencies. Other helpful resources include College Souvenirs, news papers and sources such as Sports Council/Development authorities/Clubs etc.
The job openings in a given field generally depend on a number of factors, especially the rate of growth or decline in the field, the need to replace workers who retire and changes in technology, societal factors. Each year a number of new jobs open up. Some of them are expected to grow faster than the average; some are expected to grow more slowly than the average. Therefore, everyone should keep in mind that his/her own career outlook involves a number of factors like the unusual opportunities available to him/her, his/her special abilities and experience, and especially his/her personal drive. Sometimes, it may be difficult to change career goals for many reasons. However, one should weigh the short-term losses with the long-term goals. If he/she realizes that a small sacrifice now may greatly increase his career satisfaction for the rest of his life, he should go for a change. In the US, roughly one worker in nine changes his or her career each year. In most cases, the positive gains far outweigh the costs involved, for there is nothing to compare with really enjoying what one does in life, and being paid for it as well.
Career Development
Career development is the formal way of planning one's career and its development over a period of time to attain the career goal. It involves the determination of different career moves along the career path in order to achieve the career goal. "Career development is about your individual career path - planning ahead in your career, identifying your next and future moves, working out if there are any gaps in your existing skills and experience, and finding ways to fill these so that you can achieve your career aims, but also enjoy your work and find the right balance between your life and career" (Career Development, para2)
How to prepare a Career Development Plan
Create a career development plan to articulate your SMART goals and plan concrete steps to achieve them.
1. Reflect on your career
Reread past performance reviews, talk with your supervisor about your strengths, skills and interests and use the following questions to help you get started.
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