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The Help of Extracurricular Activities - Term Paper Example

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In this essay, the author demonstrates how extracurricular activities can help students succeed socially and academically. Also, the author describes how students can take advantage of the opportunities to become effective leaders, communicators, and achievers…
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The Help of Extracurricular Activities
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Extract of sample "The Help of Extracurricular Activities"

Download file to see previous pages The basic assumption of the current report is that although extracurricular activities are blamed by some for a decrease in academic performance, they are actually a vital part of education that helps students to succeed, giving students better skills at time management, and fewer opportunities to get into trouble during the time in which school is closed for academics.   
Most studies relating the various experiences of extracurricular activities in various academic institutions are positivist in approach:  the focus seems to be on a link between status and performance, so that in their formative years, children who are not socialized in terms of extracurricular activities are seen as more likely to develop poor adjustment skills and possibly pathological problems later in life.  These activities can be considered to be extracurricular activities, because they show (although part-time jobs are not always enjoyable) “the value of safe, structured, and enjoyable opportunities… unstructured afternoons, weekends, and early evenings are particularly risky times for youth” (Kahne et. al, 2001).  Extracurricular activities are primarily thought of in terms of social interest, diversity, sociability, and the formation of an appropriate and successful resume or application.  Generally, extracurricular activities can be divided by broad parameters of athletic and artistic activities, with various sub-categorical definitions.  Scholars point out that “large-scale quantitative and qualitative studies find evidence that extracurricular activities foster educational attainment, identity development, and social integration into adult society” (Anderson et. al, 2001).
         Without extracurricular activities, students face increased risks.  The lack of positive patterns of rule enforcement in schools can, in extreme cases, lead students to form horrifyingly negative structural patterns of behavior that are then taken back into the institution in terrifying ways.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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