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How does being involved in extra curricular activities influence the development of social skills in school aged children - Essay Example

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In many American schools, extracurricular activities are integrated with curricular activities allowing students to actively participate in a…
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How does being involved in extra curricular activities influence the development of social skills in school aged children
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Extract of sample "How does being involved in extra curricular activities influence the development of social skills in school aged children"

Download file to see previous pages In the past, researchers have highlighted that extracurricular activities contribute to the development of social skills among students (Fletcher, Nickersan, & Wright, 2003). It is important to highlight the specific ways in which extracurricular activities promote social growth. This literature review will give a critical analysis of past studies that have evaluated the potential social benefits of extracurricular activities.
Gilman (2004) offered a critical review of how extracurricular activities contributed to both academic and personal-social variables. In his review, Gilman was keen to highlight that active engagement is of critical importance in the positive mental health of adolescents. Extracurricular activities are school sponsored activities such as sports, drama and music events scheduled for different times during the school terms. Many schools offer structured extracurricular activities with the guidance of competent individuals. For example, different sports have coaches and supervisors that give students guidelines and effective training. Gilman explores the benefits of structured extracurricular activities. According to him, structured extracurricular activities serve to foster a sense of belongingness, a factor that contributes positively to both their academic and social lives. Gilman highlights that active engagement in such activities serves to promote the emotional wellbeing of students. It is evident that emotionally stable students are more likely to engage in constructive socialization. Moreover, structured extracurricular activities promote teamwork and collaboration. Therefore, students learn how to work together and how to appreciate the strengths and weaknesses of their peers. Belonging to a team in extracurricular activities also promotes effective interpersonal skills as the young people strive to achieve their goals (Moriana, Alcala, Pino, & Ruiz, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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