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The Person and the Work of the Holy Spirit in John's Gospel - Essay Example

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The purpose of this essay "The Person and the Work of the Holy Spirit in John's Gospel" is to extract the Holy Spirit’s presence in John’s gospels, in order to gain a better understanding of the will of God in a Biblical context of the Old as well as the New Testament…
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The Person and the Work of the Holy Spirit in Johns Gospel
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Extract of sample "The Person and the Work of the Holy Spirit in John's Gospel"

Download file to see previous pages Prior to the real time events of the New Testament, the Old Testament revisited an idea which simply dictated that God was an entity and the only God was Ruah. The New Testament came with a series of events which changed everything from the cessation to offerings and sacrifices to an ideology of the Holy Trinity. Jesus is noted as being “anointed with the Holy Spirit” in John 1 32-34. This stands to reason that ther is a differentiation and somewhat autonomy between the three facets of the Holy Trinity. The Holy Trinity is of course, God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. This is essentially a three in one or a unification of the elements of God. In John’s gospel, he seemingly avoids the dramatic details of the Holy Spirit’s capacity to perform exorcisms or the like.
The Holy spirit is also not tangible as was Jesus and even God within the Old Testament. Although the works and presence of the Holy Spirit are mentioned in John, the Holy Spirit does not materialize as visible or tangible at any time. The gospel of Mathew is the loci of the genesis of the “Holy Spirit”. The context in which the Holy Spirit is mentioned is a countenance or existence during the baptism of Jesus in the river. At this time, the Holy Spirit appeared like a dog. Since this is merely a slimily and not an actual shape shifting into a dove, the gospel of John can be said the be more specific on the ideology of the Holy Spirit. This is found in John 14 15-18. Jesus is speaking with his disciples at this point, shortly before his death. He defines for them the quality and substance of the Holy Spirit by referring to it as the “spirit of truth”. Jesus proceeds through this portion of the gospel of John, to transfer over the “Holy Spirit” to his disciples. John interprets this as being the very core reason that Jesus came to earth in the first place. He came to be sacrificed for the sins of man kind but also to pass on the “Holy Spirit” to his disciples.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Person and the Work of the Holy Spirit in John's Gospel Essay, n.d.)
The Person and the Work of the Holy Spirit in John's Gospel Essay.
(The Person and the Work of the Holy Spirit in John'S Gospel Essay)
The Person and the Work of the Holy Spirit in John'S Gospel Essay.
“The Person and the Work of the Holy Spirit in John'S Gospel Essay”.
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