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A Letter of Recommendation for the Teachers Position - Personal Statement Example

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The paper presents A Letter of Recommendation for the Teacher’s Position. Jessica Martinez for the teacher’s position in the Genesis Early Educational Center. As the Executive Director, teacher, and her supervisor in this school, I am greatly satisfied with her…
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A Letter of Recommendation for the Teachers Position
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Extract of sample "A Letter of Recommendation for the Teachers Position"

She normally efficiently managed her time. However, when the workload was too much, Ms. Jessica Martinez would leave later than usual. I have also observed her special attention to details. She always maintained a very safe, clean, and organized working environment.
Ms. Jessica Martinez is a highly devoted person. I would like to mention that Ms. Jessica Martinez has contributed a lot in starting-up and straightening this school. She has worked closely with the entire school’s committee to enhance the school’s prestige. She has worked hard to develop the school’s educational program and extra-curricular activities. She is very committed to delivering high-quality learning standards. In order to improve the student’s learning abilities and diversify the courses, she has identified unique teaching techniques.
Ms. Jessica Martinez succeeds in creating a special connection with her students. They are truly fond of her because she is very affectionate and protective of them. She can immediately sense the children’s needs. She is also liked and respected by their parents. I remember once, a parent forgot her purse along with her credit cards, and Ms. Jessica Martinez immediately contacted the parent and returned the purse, under my supervision, following our schools’ internal procedures. In addition, I would like to stress that Ms. Jessica Martinez has a degree in early education. This degree will certainly make her more than qualified to become a teacher.
In closing, I unreservedly recommend Ms. Jessica Martinez for becoming a teacher within our school. If you need further elaboration, feel free to contact me.
Sincerely yours,
Heidy Herrera. Read More
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