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Human cloning is not playing god - Essay Example

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The issue of human cloning draws debates from numerous quarters based on its role in playing god, thus, there is need to disambiguate how and how not cloning plays god. In the religious basis of the anti-cloning campaign, Christians believe that no man should interfere with the…
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Human cloning is not playing god
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Extract of sample "Human cloning is not playing god"

The issue of human cloning draws debates from numerous quarters based on its role in playing god, thus, there is need to disambiguate how and how notcloning plays god. In the religious basis of the anti-cloning campaign, Christians believe that no man should interfere with the state of being human by creating another human being or other beings with characteristics similar to those of man. This is due to the issue of conflicting religious doctrines and the science of cloning concerning the presence of souls in the new scientific creation. In light of this, the new being is not created by God and thus does not have Gods breath to make it a living soul (Candel). However, this depicts that only God has the power to create and sustain life as opposed the concept of cloning.
On the other hand, cloning does not play god as it carries out the role of man as given in the biblical accounts of creation. This is concerning going forth and filling the world, where man attempts to sustain life by extending it. This is done by using cloning for is benefits in overcoming certain health conditions that may lead in fatalities. The entire process involves the manipulation of DNA, as opposed to the biblical accounts, where man is created from dust thus, cloning has no hand in an attempt to take over Gods role (“Human Cloning”).
Therefore, human cloning does not play the role of god in any way following the distinct differences in the creation process. This is as seen in both cases of cloning and creation, where one is the source of life, while the second is only but a means of extending life.
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Human Cloning Is Not Playing God Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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