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Are the Clones Real People Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro - Book Report/Review Example

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Are the Clones Real People?
Many people associate cloning with science-fiction novels, not with real life, but animal cloning is a process that is being attempted today all over the world, and human cloning might be next…
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Are the Clones Real People Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro
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Extract of sample "Are the Clones Real People Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro"

Download file to see previous pages It's what we do. It's what distinguishes us as a species; there is virtually no other human behavior that hasn't been found in some form in other species. Human beings who aren't telling each other stories in order to frame and manage the most important fact of their lives are just not credible.

Never Let Me Go is a story that takes current global debates between science fiction and ethics and, in magnifying one aspect of them, invites us to confront our own confusion. Though never claiming for it to be scientifically conceivable - leaving many credibility questions open to the reader - Ishiguro delves into the issue of how far scientists will go to find cures for diseases.

Given that the main burden of the book is that the clones are just as human as we are, and are being used in an inhuman way, this is utterly beyond the bounds of possibility. There is also, apparently, no real outside resistance to the fate of the clones. There is a terribly genteel and polite movement of which Hailsham is a part, making speeches, raising money, and creating foundations to raise the clones in more humane and pleasant conditions, rather than the factory conditions that prevailed before Hailsham and other foundations of its type, and apparently still the norm for most clones.
In our world today - where arguments over the age at which life is deemed to be fatal and when it becomes truly human abound. This novel is all the more important, for it demands us to consider our views about playing God. As the novel suggests, scientists are investigating how to prolong our lives and make them more comfortable; but the ethics and morality of their research results are frequently overlooked or sublimated to what is deemed to be the greater good.
Initially, it seems as though Ishiguro's main concern is with the ethics of modern science, but gradually, we see the novel modulate into something deeper. Through Kathy's inability to understand the society that has created her Ishiguro illustrates his view that we - humans - live as we are expected to; we do what we can with what we have been given.
These issues are important to a lot of people, especially post humanist scholars who are concerned about the use of fetal remains or cloned cells in stem cell research and plain old cloning in general. For many people, the alternate reality of the book, where clones are created so that they can serve as living, breathing and animate organ incubators, is not that far away and elements of are already facing mankind.
As I have mentioned, Never Let Me Go is an alternate history from WWII through the late 1990s, when the novel takes place. After WWII, science advanced to the point that full human cloning was possible and people in the late 1990s have become so accustomed to human cloning for organ transplants that they refuse to go back to the world when overdrinking, overeating and smoking meant their livers, hearts and lungs would give out.
This the reason why clones of human beings are created, raised from babies-though this is never explained explicitly in the book, I assume it is so because the narrator recalls being a child-until they are old enough to serve as organ donors. Are there baby donors for babies with congenital disorders This is not known either, mainly because Kathy H shows only what directly affects her from the time of when her earliest memories are clear to her. But it stands to reason that in a society that can make adult clones suffer so profoundly baby clones' suffering would mean little to them as well. The cloning technology in the novel is far more advanced than our own, but the analysis of what makes people human and how those who are "human" can turn a blind eye to or even engage outright in the worst sorts of cruelty for their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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