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Biological Cloning and Nuclear Transplantation - Essay Example

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The purpose of present paper is to summarize the New York Times article by Victoria Burnett titled For a Prize Bull, Next Big Test Is in Genetics Lab. Moreover, the paper reveals some of the basic concepts of scientific procedure of cloning along with explaining experiments…
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Biological Cloning and Nuclear Transplantation
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"Biological Cloning and Nuclear Transplantation"

Download file to see previous pages Burnett states about the scientific concept, “Scientists will take the nucleus of a somatic, or nonreproductive, cell from Alcalde and insert it into an egg cell from a cow, from which the nucleus has been removed. The resulting embryo will be grown in an incubator and then implanted in a cow to develop” (2008, p.1). In lay language, the concept involves the desire to produce animals with superior qualities that cannot be achieved through normal reproduction. The process involves nuclear transplantation, in which the genetic material from a given cell is inserted into the host. In this case, the host is an unfertilized egg whose genetic material has been removed through enucleation process. The biological process of nuclear transplantation is whereby scientists derive a cell from an adult animal they wish to clone. The genome of the animal is contained in the nucleus of this derived cell. Genome is the DNA that has instructions to create a new individual. The next stage in this process is taking an unfertilized egg from the female of the same species, and removing its nucleus (Mann, 2003, p.1). The scientists then put the nucleus into the egg; thus, basically replacing the DNA of the egg with that of the cloning animal. The nucleus derived from the donor cell is fused with the egg with the help of a smell electric current passed through the cell. Adding a series of chemicals into the egg tricks it into believing that fertilization is taking place. At this stage, the outcome may be successful or unsuccessful. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(“Biological Cloning and Nuclear Transplantation Essay”, n.d.)
Biological Cloning and Nuclear Transplantation Essay. Retrieved from https://studentshare.org/biology/1627369-molecular-biology-review-paper-stressing-the-portrayal-of-the-scientific-concept-as-displayd-in-the-media-topic-to-be-chosen-by-the-writer
(Biological Cloning and Nuclear Transplantation Essay)
Biological Cloning and Nuclear Transplantation Essay. https://studentshare.org/biology/1627369-molecular-biology-review-paper-stressing-the-portrayal-of-the-scientific-concept-as-displayd-in-the-media-topic-to-be-chosen-by-the-writer.
“Biological Cloning and Nuclear Transplantation Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/biology/1627369-molecular-biology-review-paper-stressing-the-portrayal-of-the-scientific-concept-as-displayd-in-the-media-topic-to-be-chosen-by-the-writer.
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