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Islam an Political Structrue - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Islam has continued to fascinate individuals from internationally with its specific laws and way of life shown by Prophet Muhammad. Tamara Sonn, author of the A brief history of Islam,…
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Islam an Political Structrue
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Extract of sample "Islam an Political Structrue"

Islam is one of the most famous religions that is has been practiced all over the world. Islam has continued to fascinate individuals from internationally with its specific laws and way of life shown by Prophet Muhammad. Tamara Sonn, author of the A brief history of Islam, attempts to reflect on the recent developments and key issues pertaining to Islam. Sonn discusses the life of Muhammad and the enlightenment era in which Islamic ideals were developed.
One of the key issues relating to Islam is politics. Without a doubt, Islamic politics has become a focal point even in the 21st century. Islamic politics differ from Democracy and Marxism views as Islam is strictly concerned with shariah. Shariah is the Islamic law, which is essential as it pertains to specific governance of legislature and administration of the laws. The Shariah is unique since it is based on the fact that power is given by God. In Islam, a strong covenant is formed between the leader and God as he is given the rights of a leader through his mercy.
Sonn is quick to point that the Quran clearly states for a leader to “enjoy the right and forbid evil,” which is how a leader should act. The Islamic doctrine according to Sonn is explicit about absolute justice that a leader should practice. Since Islam is a religion of total submission, the leader should be careful to avoid any personal biases in his decision making and implement Shariah in his decision making.
In Islam, the political hierarchy consists of a Shurah, which is known as “consultation.” The caliph is appointed by a legal counsel of Shurah and must take in the opinion of his Shurah before making a decision. The core principle of Shurah is similar to the checks and balances system which is also incorporated in Democracy. In a system of an Islamic state, the selection of the governor is selected by the Shurah also. Hence, the shurah plays a critical role in the hierarchy of an Islamic government.
Electing a person in an Islamic state is without a doubt not an easy task. The shurah must make this decision based on numerous factors. First and foremost is the fact that the elected leader should be inclined towards the values that are present in the Quran and the sunnah. Furthermore, that individual must be keen in his prayers and be God-conscious in all aspects of life. The elected leader should not be transgressor or be ignorant in his world views. The leader must account for the community as whole and should be honest in such a way that it would enable him to carry out his obligations.
One of the most intriguing things in Islamic politics is the clear distinction between the separation of religion and the state. Since God is sole sovereign in human issues, there is a fine line between religious and state authority. Sonn mentions that the separation of religion and state was never a problem in Islam since the focal point has been on God’s supreme rule. This idea of state and religion was so deeply embedded in Christianity that Jesus even pondered upon this idea in the New Testament.
Without a doubt, Sonn has done extensive research on the political spheres of Islam. The book also discusses the key aspects of the creation of the modern Islamic state, its expansionism, and the recent issues that it faces in the modern 21st century . The rise of Islamic politics is vital as the ideals of Democracy continue to clash with Islamic methodology. Furthermore, it serves as a critical point of the tensions between the implementation of Shariah in Middle East and the urge for Democracy throughout the world.
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Sonn, T. (2004). A brief history of Islam . Malden, MA: Blackwell Pub.. Read More
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