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The Rise of Political Islam - Essay Example

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Name Instructor Task Date The Rise of Political Islam Introduction In the current time, political Islam has been on a remarkable comeback all through the Middle East, as well as, other Muslim nations around the globe. This has sparkled alarm all around as people view it a geopolitical disconcert…
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The Rise of Political Islam
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Download file to see previous pages Similarly, the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), which is an Islamic political party grasped about 47 percent of the total presented seats within the Egyptian assembly leading to concern in the western world (Khairat 1). Political Islam has been supported by various claims all around the world. Body Claims have been put forward to address the matter of political Islam. It is certain that Muslims have been encouraging the domestic and external political organizations about their guidelines in the approaching stage through different ways. In the case, of Mohamed Saad Katatni, who is the Secretary General within FJP presented the idea that their political party focused more on the civic component in an attempt to build up a contemporary democratic nation (Khairat 1). This implies that the party has no religious affiliations but wants to work better towards the betterment of existence of the Muslim community. The rise of most Islamic parties has come as a positive or constructive approach towards the implementation of policies that are supposed to bring about positive transformation, and image for the Muslim world. The ideas put forward by the policies that these political factions have instituted aims at presenting a free world for all Muslims regardless of their gender and other prejudices. Presentation of the new ideas has substantially augmented the support of these Muslim parties by offering Muslims a chance to redeem themselves from prolonged miseries presented by the Muslim religion. Consequently, Muslims have offered support to parties with leaders willing to struggle for the liberties of all Muslims within and outside the Muslim nations. Parties such as FJP have included women at various levels of political leadership. In FJP, approximately 10 percent of the people who founded the party is women (Khairat 1). This can be considered a significantly enormous percentage of women in a country with conservative nature or appearance. The party bears women even at the higher ranks of the party in comparison to other parties around the Egyptian society. This further assists the general populace in understanding the complexities and operation of the party, therefore, removing distasteful attributes associated with the party by the media. According to central investors and commercial strategists of Muslim Brotherhood, they aim at attracting immense overseas investment meaning that the private sector offers immense prop up to the implementation (Khairat 1). Similarly, FJP is encouraging more on free market financial systems that would prologue and progressively develop Islamic banking, which offers the consumers both options in relation to the long-established banking structure. FJP has shown further dedication by adhering to alter towards sovereignty, full democratic system, fairness and full, individual liberties in every undertaking of the party (Khairat 1). This is evident through the founding statement on which the party of FJP was established. The party claims that it is aiming at developing patriotism and commitment among the Egyptian context. The party claims that it forgoes everything for the benefit of the homeland, which is all Egyptian people regardless of their religion or other prejudices. The party aims at clinging to main beliefs, morals and moral codes of the celestial revealed religious conviction. The party has chosen Dr. Rafiq Habib who is happens to be, from the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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