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Islam Research Paper Author [Pick the date] Table of Contents Abstract 3 Introduction 4 Results 5 Emergence of Islamic Culture 5 Similarities 5 One God 6 Jihad 6 Differences 8 Discussion 8 Concluding Remarks 9 Works Cited 12 Abstract To address the questions posed and also shed some light on the controversies faced by Islam, I first discussed the emergence and development of Islamic culture in the west…
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Download file to see previous pages Introduction One thing is for certain, Islam like all religions without exception is beautiful, peace- loving, moral, and its core consists of humanity above all. The phenomenal prosperity of Islamic reformation was the result of its capability to lead the masses out of the wretched predicament generated by the demode civilizations. Islam launched a splendid chapter of social records of mankind. It hauled away the played out old, to establish the vital new. The quest of Prophet Muhammad was to invigorate the country, eager in inquiry of learning and power in the tide of evolution (Roy, 1958) Islam, like all others religions preaches its followers to do good deeds and refrain from bad ones. The purpose of every religion is to promote and spread love, peace, tolerance, and sustainability and Islam is no different. It is essentially a peaceful and tolerant religion and it is a shame that today we have turned a blind eye towards the beautiful and fragrant flower that is Islam and are entangled in the nonnegotiable and complex web of controversies and misunderstandings surrounding it. Methods Research papers, videos, books, and websites relating to the research were explored and studied to substantiate the findings and providing a base for the discussions. Results Emergence of Islamic Culture Muslim youth are less inclined to the propensities of voluntary ethnic isolation of their elders. The group efficaciously makes friends with Muslims of different races and ethnic inclinations and also effectively develops friendships with people from Jew, Christian, or other religions that they meet socially or professionally. Children of immigrants are likewise step by step entering a broader range of professions and are becoming prominent with each passing day. Western culture has its qualities in its appreciation for the individual, the adaptability of its polite social order, and the limitations it endeavors to place on the haughtiness of political force. It has its shortcoming in its helplessness to yield family values and strict ethics to the longings of business and trade (Moaddel, 2002). The religion of Islam, taking into account the eager accommodation of the single person to the Divine Will is a fitting religion for such a social order. The Divine Will, as enunciated in the Qur'an uncovers the standards by which the welfare of the singular and the neighborhood are orchestrated. Along these lines, Muslims ought to have the capacity to uncover a critical place in Western social order, utilizing the structure for organization building and for singular progression to make utilization of the qualities of Western culture and to help overcome its shortcomings (HRH, 1993). Progressively, that is the thing that western Muslims have achieved successfully. Similarities I chose to discuss the most basic and most controversial aspects; One God The most basic and fundamental testimony of Islam and every other mainstream religion is having faith and believing that there is only one God. It was the most important and central message delivered to the followers, at first by Abraham, Isaac, Ishmael, and Moses (Prophets and Prophecy). Moses testifies; “Hear, O Israel The Lord our God is one Lord.” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Islam Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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Teachings of Islam
(Islam, an overview for christians) In the U.S alone Muslims make up over 6-8 million of the population (A brief history of islam in the United states). The American Muslims are free to practice their beliefs but there are many misconceptions about the beliefs and the tenets of Islam.
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Islam and Democracy
It is therefore exploration of the political system of this faith has always been the matter of great interest for the analysts, historians and readers alike. Though no religious faith follows specific political system, yet faiths provide the individuals with an outline for leading the individual and collective life in an orderly and organized manner; the same is applied to the Islamic system of government.
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Early Islam
Moreover, the Holy Quran is addressed not to any single group of people but the whole of mankind. It was sent as a reminder to the entire world (HQ, 6:90). For example, the last chapter, titled ‘mankind’ (HQ, 114) mentions the whispering of the devil in the hearts of men and jinn in the context of praying for seeking refuge.
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Muslims and Islam
It is also a considerably misunderstood and misconceived religion. Put into succinct terms by Sedgwick (2006), 'Islam is one of the major world religions, and is the non-western religion of which westerners are most aware, largely as a result of conflict.
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Islam in America
The United States’ Muslim population tremendously increased during the 20th century. The rapid rise in their population during this period can be attributed to the increase in immigration, religious conversion, and a relatively high birth rate. Conversion to Islam in prisons and large urban areas is evidently one of the contributory factors to the rise in the US Muslim population over the last several years.
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Religion: Islam
Religion is a combination of beliefs regarding every aspect of living. This is what guides people on how to lead their daily lives, and what to do and what not to do. Each religion is considered to be different from one another, and in each religion the followers put their faith in a spiritual being on a higher level.
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Islam is a monotheistic religion that is articulated by the Holy Quran. Islam is based on the concept of submission to Allah and accepting his supremacy over all and believing in the Holy Prophet and the Holy Quran. One becomes a Muslim by reciting the Shahadah declaring his submission to Allah and accepting that Muhammad is the prophet.
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Radical Islam
Origins of radical Islam a. Radical Islam has been in existence for a lengthy period of time b. It originated from the essential tenets of the Muslim religion III. Fundamentals of radical Islam a. The application of principles of Islam in politics and governance b.
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Progressive Islam and Environmental
Progressive Islam seeks to make Islamic religion more accommodative to all. Every religion has its roots and Islam is not an exception. Islam came about from a society that had its traditions, its geography, and history. Most of the Muslims who adopted the sheri’ah law to the fullest were most often perceived as being religious extremists and non accommodative.
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Islam Way of Life
In this respect, almost 1400 years ago, desert of Arabia witnessed birth of a Prophet who within twenty-three years altered the complete formation of the society and people around him. In brief, this Prophet guided the people of Arabia with the revelations
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