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Clifford - Essay Example

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Theory of Evidentialism Theses: William’s Clifford theory of evidentialism is a very controversial topic that is widely condemned as inaccurate, as well as supported by various scholars’. This theory is considered as parts of the theories of believe…
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Extract of sample "Clifford"

Download file to see previous pages Evidential theory was therefore seen as an attempt to disrupt the peoples believes in God, because it justified an action basing on the existence of an evidence to support the claim. The position of this paper, is that the theory of evidentialism is the best method of justifying the occurrences of events and a belief in a deity. Arguments: According to the theory of evidentialism, an individual needs to believe an issue or an idea only if there is sufficient evidence that proves the issue or idea is correct. Clifford (2) argues that there is no justification for an individual to believe on a claim or idea without observing any sufficient evidence. According to Clifford (2) this kind of a person violates the law that regulates the ethics of belief. On the other hand, Clifford also argues that when the evidence is sufficient enough to prove a claim, and people still do not believe a claim, then these people are also guilty of breaching the laws that regulate the ethics of belief (Clifford, 7). On this basis, it is important to denote that belief has a law, and the main tenet of this law lies on the existence of an evidence. Clifford (1) effectively manages to use the example of a ship owner for purposes of explaining and justifying his theories of evidentialism. For instance, Clifford denotes that a ship owner failed to observe the laws that govern the ethics of belief by allowing his ship to sail, when he had doubts over the capability of the same ship to make a voyage. The ship under consideration was old, and needed many repairs (Clifford, 2). Despite these facts, the ship owner decided to allow the ship to make a voyage, just because the same ship had made many successful voyages before, and in the same condition. This, in Clifford’s view is against the laws that govern and regulate the ethics of belief. On this basis therefore, the ship owner was wrong, and it doesn’t matter whether the voyage was successful or not. From his explanations, we can denote that Clifford was of the opinion that the ship owner had an option of carrying out an investigation to prove on the ability of the ship to make a voyage. This is by making the necessary repairs, and having experts to examine its capability. The ship owner comes under severe criticisms from Clifford, because his actions were based on faith and providence, and in Clifford’s opinion, these do not justify the belief of a claim (Clifford, 12). Clifford also gives an explanation of consciousnes ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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