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Eating in Ignorance - Essay Example

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Name: Institution: Course: Instructor: Date: Christ Expectations from Humankind Author’s Message The article tries to make the readers realize how the various actions, which they engage in, have led to their detrimental eating effects. Through leading of hectic lifestyles the majority of people have turned into the consumption of fast foods throughout most of their lives…
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Eating in Ignorance
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Extract of sample "Eating in Ignorance"

Download file to see previous pages Obtaining fast foods is cheaper as compared to buying of healthier food products which are essential for the development of the body. Wirzba (24) tries to make the readers of the article understand the importance with which they should have regarding the foods that they consume. Knowing how such foods are obtained and manufactured can be very essential in ensuring that every individual makes a wise choice in the types of food that they decide to consume. These cheap and fast foods are destroying our lives on earth in which God desired that we could live on it so that we can fulfill our dreams and serve him fully. Even though these fast foods taste pretty good it is the responsibility of each individual to grasp what the effects such kind of foods has in their lives. Knowing the composition of the different food stuffs is very vital so that proper choices on the kind of foods ingested into our bodies can be made. Without such knowledge the foods that build our bodies can be detrimental to our health. Christian Story Life that has been granted unto us by God should be held with high regard. With the evident frequent consumption of fast and cheap foods, all the life in the planet is slowly being destroyed and degraded. God expects each individual to respect and value all the life that he has bestowed unto mankind. That is why God expects us to avoid the earthly pleasures which are a cause of sin and suffering to mankind. With all the knowledge that man has been given, we are expected to always make use of it by getting to know some of the foods that we consume. As temple of God, every human being should treat their bodies with respect and integrity by ensuring that they consume foods which will ensure their well being. If only some of the people were fully aware of the food products which they consume they can never eat those foods again. This is an indication that such foods have a bad effect on our bodies which is a sign of the failure of man to keep their bodies clean as they are the temple of God. God gifts which have been given to man should always be highly honored. Showing disregard to them is also a failure to honor God as illustrated by (Wirzba 25). This is an indication that in whatever man indulges in, everything should revolve centrally on God as he offers the best guidance on ways to satisfactorily live our lives according to his wishes. Through eating by gladly and generously sharing our food with other people it is a way in which the presence of God will continue to be in our midst. Christian forms of eating will always ensure that the eating habits of man become spiritually inspired ensuring the constant presence of God in our lives. This will be a manifestation of the love of the Lord. Respond Eating is an essential part of the lives of every individual. What man eats; makes them what they are. This is indication on the emphasis in which everyone should take into consideration the kinds of foods that eat. Life can only be given and taken by God. However, for man to sustain their life on earth they should be able to eat food and drink water that has been provided by God in plenty. This is an evident link that exists between the kind of life that God has given to man and the kind of life that man has to sustain through the consumption of food. Food is the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Eating in Ignorance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
Eating in Ignorance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“Eating in Ignorance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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