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Counseling Women with Anxiety and Depression - Research Paper Example

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This paper focuses on depression, to which women are more exposed than men, and therefore need timely counseling of psychologists. Mental issues accumulate as a snowball: if you do not prevent anxiety disorder, it can transform into depression, and eventually into a major depressive disorder…
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Counseling Women with Anxiety and Depression
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Extract of sample "Counseling Women with Anxiety and Depression"

Download file to see previous pages Depression in women commonly occurs concurrently with anxiety. Anxiety symptoms usually precede depressive symptoms, and usually, culminate in a major depressive disorder when not tackled in the right manner. Depression is a major health problem that commonly afflicts women. The WHO projects that by the year 2020, depression will be the second most common cause of disability and death globally (Mellor-Clarke, 2004). The disparity between women and men in terms of depression begin from an early age and persist through the lifetime.

Attention to women health is hindered by two major limitations. To begin with, there is a tendency to focus on women reproductive health services. Further, there is a tendency to focus on health services within a biomedical model that excludes other alternative models of health care for women. Consequently, there is a widespread concern that health services are not responding in an appropriate mode to the women’s mental health (Mellor-Clarke, 2004). In addition, there lacks organized mental health services that are in a position to accord women with support to cope in times of crises which occur in their lives, and which are a threat to their mental health. As noted above, there is an inadequacy of proactive mental health services. Counseling therapies are more short-term than other therapies. Counseling therapies are ideal for identifiable problems and for looking at focused patterns of behavior. Analytic therapies involve their women in helping them to enter their unconscious world and to look into problems that pertain to a relationship with the family and childhood experiences. In this modality of therapy, the client’s emotional difficulties that are persistent in childhood can be resolved, in addition to resolving the present emotions and behaviors. Behavioral therapies are based on a premise that clients’ problems are based on maladaptive behavior. Cognitive therapies are based on a premise that clients’ difficulties are due to a maladaptive thought process.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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