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There are numerous causes of this postnuptial depression. A major cause is the psychological disillusionment that tedious living generally creates when evaluated against the…
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Persuasive Research PaperFinal Version
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Download file to see previous pages Some brides experience the intercourse slightly discomforting and unsatisfying. Rather than accepting that this is a usual, normal experience that will eventually be go away through repetition, she could sustain a negative form of fear or anxiety which will ruin the marriage. This usually results in depression. This essay argues that postnuptial depression or post-wedding blues among newlywed women is very real and common.
Postnuptial depression is a widespread, but rarely studied issue. Signs involve buying Martha Steward Weddings in secret, attending bridal shows simply to know the current trend in the market, and trying to make an appointment with the wedding planner because she misses her. Postnuptial depression may not be classified as a clinical finding, yet it has moved into the marriage dictionary in recent years, and newlywed women will attest to its reality. The depression normally happen soon after the wedding, according to psychiatrists, as newlywed women start realizing that dreams of how their relationship or spouse will change after the wedding are too idealistic. Worse, as soon as the excitement of the wedding dries out, couples are forced to abandon their deeply treasured and often enduring ‘bride and groom’ limelight and simply deal with reality.
A San Francisco psychologist, Dr. Michelle Gannon, reports there has been an increase recently in the number of newlyweds who seek help for their postnuptial depression. According to psychiatrists, most people feel a certain extent of disillusionment after the wedding, but 5 to 10 per cent of newlywed couples experience severe enough regret, disappointment, or unhappiness to compel them to look for professional counselling. The medical head of the Moonview Sanctuary in California, Dr. Terry Eagan, refers to post-wedding blues the undisclosed sorrow—women who suffer from it are usually quite ashamed to disclose it to anyone. One newlywed woman admitted that “A lot of my friends had ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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