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The Important Perspectives on Motor Development: Dynamic Systems Theory - Literature review Example

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In this paper, six case studies of child behaviour will be analyzed along with the application with various developmental theories. But before that, a brief literature review regarding the behavioural theories associated with child development will be provided…
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The Important Perspectives on Motor Development: Dynamic Systems Theory
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Download file to see previous pages In the domain of cognitive theory of development, the name of Jean Piaget is of immense importance. He was the developer of cognitive developmental theories. The cognitive developmental theories emphasize the active role which the individuals play in the developmental process. The psychologists of the cognitive development paradigm state that the process of development occurs in an ordered sequence in qualitatively distinct stages which are characterized by the rise in complexities. This theoretical perspective perceives the role of developing a person in the process as active and not reactive. Piaget (1896-1980) exhibited extensive research about the child’s quest for knowledge. His major attributes of a philosopher and partly a biologist has been combined and the development of a stimulating theory which focuses on the process of development arrives. The scientific method has been applied by the trained biologist Piaget to answer various psychological questions and exhibited concerted efforts in minimizing the gap between psychology and science. Piaget highlighted on one special branch of philosophy and that is epistemology which is basic knowledge of science which targets at the way in which it is acquired. The nature of man’s contribution to the understanding of the developmental process is best represented by the y the various types of questions his approach encourages him to ask. The questions which are required to be answered are “What is learning? Is the way things appear really the same as what they are? What is the process through which knowledge is acquired? ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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