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Self-help Meetings and Clinical Analysis - Research Paper Example

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This paper analyzes the 12-steps of recovery adhered to in these self-help support groups. It discusses the role that self-help support groups play in abstinence and long-term recovery.  An initial overview of the steps is provided in this discussion, followed by a critical assessment of the steps…
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Self-help Meetings and Clinical Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages The 12-step program includes an initial admission of one’s weakness in relation to alcohol (Borman and Dixon, 1998).  It also includes the process of submission to a greater power, one which can restore one’s sanity.  Turning towards such greater power is an important step towards recovery (Anonymous, 2001).  Admitting to God, to other human beings, and to themselves the exact nature of their activities is also another element of the recovery, and humbly asking for God’s help in making the recovery is part of the recovery process.  Making a list of individuals one has harmed and made amends to these people is also part of the 12-step program (Johnson, 2004).  Continuing to make a personal assessment of one’s wrongdoing is also significant and seeking prayer and meditation as a means of improving communion with God formulates step 11 of this process, and after going through all the steps, sending the message to other alcoholics completes the recovery process (Borman and Dixon, 1998).  In assessing the 12-step program, it is immediately apparent that the program has religious overtones and an initial criticism for the program would relate to such religious themes, especially as far as non-religious or non-believers or even non-Christians are concerned (Sandoz, 1999).  How would this work for non-Christians or Atheists? There seems to be a presumption that the clients would be Christians.  Under these conditions, issues on contextualization are already apparent (Sandoz, 1999).  Nevertheless, religious considerations aside, strong support has been allocated to the program, especially in terms of the self-help it can indeed provide for patients (Stephenson and Zygouris, 2007).  Among academics and scientists, support for the 12-step program has not always been forthcoming, mostly because these scientists seek numbers and figures before they would support the program, or any program for that matter (Bufe, 1998).   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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