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Clinical Services Manager - Essay Example

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This report looks at the detailed strategy that John needs to adopt to fulfill the new requirements in terms of both costs and logistics. The most important aspect to analyze is the possibility of additional expenses that the center may face in the eventuality of the equipments stop working…
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Clinical Services Manager
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Download file to see previous pages As the report discusses it is best to get in touch with the training institute that the mental health unit usually associates itself with. In addition, it would be a good preparation to considering house training, instead of sending the trainees to an institute. For the hiring purpose, a market analysis that estimates the cost-to-company for two E grades would be the right approach. Based on the inputs of all these exercises, a total cost plan should be submitted in front of the Accountant and the Clinical Services Manager. A clear break–up of the cost plan can help John convince them in the most effective manner.From this essay it is clear that planning timelines and a proper schedule will also help John in implementing all the changes in a smooth manner. Once the funding is approved, John can use this plan to prioritize and schedule. The authorities can also use this plan and see if the implementation can go as per the timelines. One thing that John should keep in mind while making timelines is that accurate date ranges should be mentioned. Also, it would be good to keep an option of flexibility so that any changes due to unforeseen or unexpected circumstances can be accommodated into the plan. Therefore, instead of keeping a very tight schedule that can go awry in difficult situations, it is recommended that he creates a flexible dateline with some extra days accounted so that the implementation can happen within the schedule decided.
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