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Facilities Management: Critical Review Paper - Essay Example

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FACILITY MANAGEMENT (Author’s name) (Institutional Affiliation) Abstract “Facilities Management is a more powerful concept than day-to-day operations alone. It takes a strategic view of the workplace and considers people and their environment, ultimately influencing workplace productivity through facilities design and management.” This paper will provide a critical review of the role, duties and responsibilities of a facility manager…
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Facilities Management: Critical Review Paper
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Download file to see previous pages In those undertakings is the tenant or owner organisation’s main business, therefore, a suitable environment ought to be fashioned in buildings, which could not have been intended for the reasons that they are currently used. However, no matter just how well dedicated a company might be upon its core dealings; it should not neglect its supporting services – the non-core business. Therefore, facilities management sets the non-core business activities at the provision of the main business in a manner as to safeguard a company’s capital investment within real estate as well as aids to convert a cost item to one of the added –value (Edwards 2011). Organizations may have by now considered the discrepancy amid their main business and non-fundamental business (for instance, security, HVAC cleaning and maintenance) as role of the initiative to provide and achieve superlative value and client satisfaction. Meanwhile, running costs make up a significant portion of yearly expenditure, after payroll, there is always pressure to search for savings within non-fundamental business areas. ...
In order for facility management to present maximum backing to fundamental business undertakings, the company must then recognise that quality and cost are inseparably connected. Facilities management is the ideal setting for the business’s primary operations, taking an assimilated outlook of the company infrastructure, as well as expending this to provide customer satisfaction and unsurpassed value via support for as well as improvement of the main business. Therefore, facilities management could be described as an activity, which will strategically provide responsive and effective services, enable changes through use of space in the future, sweat the resources, for instance, render them extremely cost effective, and enhance the company’s image and culture (Park 2010). Facilities management, therefore, is an interdisciplinary area requiring proficiency in business, environmental management, interior design and construction. The roles, duties and responsibilities of a facilities manager are wide-ranging and moulded by not merely the nature of structure being handled, but the kind of business they house. Facility managers, for example, in hospitals may have an active functioning responsibility in infection prevention whereas facilities managers within a factory may be more immersed in safety and productivity. Facility management ensures the wellbeing of people and the environment though the management of facilities. All the duties and responsibilities of facility managers operate towards delivery of a better working environment that is free of harm and conducive for every occupant in an organization (Barret 2009). The facility ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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