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Moving Manufacturing Facilities Abroad - Research Paper Example

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The current paper examines the various aspects of a specific business activity: moving manufacturing facilities abroad – referring especially to the case of firms that are based in the UK and move their manufacturing facilities abroad usually aiming to achieve specific benefits…
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Moving Manufacturing Facilities Abroad
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Download file to see previous pages In order to identify the plan that will benefit the firm in the long term, corporate executives have to take into consideration the resources available but also the conditions in the international market. In the literature, various suggestions have been made regarding the methodology followed by corporate managers when having to proceed to decisions that are expected to influence strongly the performance of their firms. In this context, it is stated by Neely that ‘the key benefit in the process of deciding what to measure appears to lie in the fact that the process forces management teams to be explicit about their priorities’. From a different point of view, Schuler et al. supported that specific issues should be taken into account by corporate managers that plan to develop important business strategies: ‘a) the business structure, b) the legislative and employment relationship context, c) the patterns of HRM competence and decision-making and d) the national culture’. In case that radical changes on the business structure need to be taken, then corporate executives have to use a series of additional criteria in order to identify the most effective strategy in accordance with the firm’s needs, the position of competitors and the market conditions.
The application of the principles and the methodology of systemic thinking – as explained above – could ensure the effectiveness of such strategic plans – moving manufacturing facilities abroad. The above issues need to be examined and evaluated trying to suggest the most appropriate methodologies for the successful completion of the particular project – moving manufacturing facilities and specifically from the UK to mainland Europe. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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