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Lesson 6 - Assignment Example

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Case management is referred to a collaborative process that involves planning, facilitation, assessment, evaluation, coordination and advocacy for services. The roles of a case manager includes allowing social workers in an agency to coordinate their work in order to effectively…
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Lesson 6
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Download file to see previous pages Other roles carried out by a case manager involves patients referral, delivery of healthcare, adjustment and evaluation of results for every patient and most importantly evaluating the entire health program effectiveness by making adjustments to the health program.
Coordinate and arrange for special services: It is the duty of case managers to evaluation cases that require specialist attention and refer them accordingly. This ensures patients with complicated conditions are examined and treated by medical practitioners of a given specialty.
Negotiating rates: It is the function of a case manager to negotiate rates with clients. Different cases are managed at varied rates and in application of a win to win situation between a client and a hospital, the case manager represents the hospital in negotiating the most appropriate rate (Finkelman, 2001).
Collaboration and negotiation: A case manager primary role involves facilitating client recipient of services. In order to effectively perform this task, a case manager must establish a cooperative relationship with all people.
Self-determination and ability to make choices: According to Edlin (2002), similar to other people, a case manager should possess the ability to make their own choices with regard to life decisions and as far as case management models are concerned.
Clinical studies gathered about a patient should be set in an individualized context. A health practitioner must clearly understand the patient’s background, how such information impacts on the problem at hand and the reasons as to why a patient is seeking help at that given time(Jesitus, 2001). In this regard, such contextual details requires enquiry into patients complains, past admissions and readmissions within a span of four weeks, past cases of drug usage, family history, past medical history and personal and family history among others.
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Lesson 6 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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