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Making Communication Count - Assignment Example

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Making Communication Count Course ID Date Part 1 I have experienced various situations in which discrepancies in verbal and non-verbal communication created barriers in transmission of actual message to the faculties during a conversation…
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Making Communication Count
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Download file to see previous pages Therefore, while she was attempting to illustrate the proposed changes to me, I kept on nudging my head as if I was agreeing to her. At one point, she asked me if we have enough funds assigned to use ICT in our coming classes and I answered, “I think that would help students”. The statement was self-explanatory about span of my attention at that particular point in time. Once she clarified what she meant I responded by saying, “I don’t know if students from ethnic minorities are up for this kind of advancement.” A visible expression of dismal was visible on her face as she was actually an Asian American herself. The statement was based on the workshop that I had attended a week earlier about discrepancies in our educational system about which she did not knew anything. Analyzing my non-verbal and verbal communication during this meeting, there are few changes that would be required to make this conversation better. Firstly, there should have a complete display of focus and undivided attention. If not possible, the meeting should have rescheduled as it is unethical not to exercise self-discipline during a dialogue. Furthermore, there was also a lack of responsibility and consideration for values of the respondent in this situation. Perhaps, use of culturally sensitive language and explanation for my statement would have made the overall conversation more effective. Part 2 Description of the Scenario Leaders in educational settings need to be aware of the responsibility that is inherent to their organizational status. Being a head of department makes faculty members responsible for their statement as their views and inputs are being examined by school’s management whereas the same piece of information can have a significant impact on the behavior and strategies used by junior faculty members. In a meeting with school principal, Mr. James and a junior teacher named Ms. Rachel (Pseudonym) who had recently joined and was supposed to be supervised by me, there were some mixed responses and directions given by Mr. James that later on created difficulty for me and Ms. Rachel. The meeting began with principal being over occupied with domestic telephone calls which made us question if the meeting bears any importance to him. Once done with that, Mr. James kept on leaning back and forth on the chair which further projected an impression that he is not even considering it to be an important conversation despite the fact that it was Ms. Rachel’s first official encounter with him. While addressing the new teacher, Mr. James kept on addressing her as “Newbie” and mentioned that we have many students from you people i.e. the teacher was Iranian. I believe that instead of showing racism, he was just attempting to make her feel that her presence in the faculty will further help students. While continuing discussion about the curriculum and division of classes, he just mentioned that all the instructions are available on your portal and I will be providing directions to Ms. Rachel in day to day proceedings. However, instead of using the word ‘direction’, he said ‘helping’ which projected an impression that I will not be responsible for new teacher’s performance evaluation which was against organizational policies. When ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Making Communication Count Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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