Clinical Supervision As a Professional Requirement for All Nurses - Assignment Example

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This paper analyzes the first meeting in clinical supervision as a supervisee as well as explore the principle that the supervisee should consider before their first supervision. The paper will end with a brief look at the reflective guide that can be used in clinical supervision by a supervisee…
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Clinical Supervision As a Professional Requirement for All Nurses
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Download file to see previous pages The Council of Midwifery and Nursing acknowledge this practice as an imperative part of medical governance. This practice of clinical supervision is a legal obligation for midwives other than for nurses (John, 2000 p 16). Clinical supervision is a practice that requires thorough preparation, especially if one is going for the first clinical supervision. John Driscoll came up with a model that is used to reflect the practice of clinical supervision. The analysis of the first clinical supervision assumes three main aims. They include an analysis of professional and personal expectations of a supervisee in clinical supervision. The second aim is to know the manner to be ready for the primary clinical meeting, and the third aim is to identify the essential skills that will help a supervisee to reap the most benefits from the meetings of clinical supervision (John, 2000 p 18). It is indispensable for as a supervisee to examine continuing skills to build up as a supervisee prior to the primary meeting. This will help the supervisee to get a forehand in matters that will be looked at during the supervision. It is also imperative to reflect on the ways of overcoming the barriers to begin the supervision and assume full accountability for what turns out in clinical supervision (John, 2000 p 22). In addition, consider the essential limits to glance at prior to going for the initial clinical supervision meeting. Lastly, you should come up with a list of personal needs that you expect to satisfy in the clinical supervision and analyze the effectiveness of that supervision against then identified needs. Clinical supervision is a professional partnership between the supervisor and the clinical supervisee. However, it is imperative to get a chance to reflect on your personal opinions, and myths, as well as concerns. This is an integral part of preparation as a new-fangled supervisee before meeting with your supervisor. This can be achieved by completing a SWOT analysis that will highlight the things that you have as a practitioner that you can capitalize on meetings of clinical supervision. A SWOT analysis will help you to identify some of the benefits that you will get for involving yourself in clinical supervision. The same analysis will help the supervisee to identify any anticipated barriers in participating in clinical supervision, as well as identify the actions that need to be taken to overcome these hindrances (John, 2000 p 23). SWOT analysis highlights the strengths that a person has, the weaknesses that need to be addressed, the opportunities and the threats that may low a person down while going for something (John, 2000 p 68). The supervisee has a role to toil inside the supervisory association to gain maximum benefits from clinical, supervisory meetings. This will increase their efficiency and autonomy in the practice of nursing. As a supervisee performs their role, they should get a good comparison between their own thoughts and the actual way of doing things based on the SWOT analysis they had formed earlier (John, 2000 p 65).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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