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Assessing the Theory of Mind and Schizotypy - Research Paper Example

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This research paper "Assessing the Theory of Mind and Schizotypy" aims to assess psychosis-proneness and ToM in a non-clinical sample and to investigate whether people who score highly on a measure of schizotypy and how mentalisers have reduced social functioning…
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Assessing the Theory of Mind and Schizotypy
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Extract of sample "Assessing the Theory of Mind and Schizotypy"

Download file to see previous pages When Sally comes back the questions are asked to the children as to where Sally looks for the marble first. (Doherty 2009, p.9)
If the child is 3 years old then they say it is in the box and can’t imagine and stick with what they believe. They do not have the ability to think that others have thoughts, desires and knowledge different from them. And 4 to 6 years old children can comprehend and say Sally is going to look for the marble in the box incorrectly and they have the ability to understand that the marble is in the jar.
There are 10 different personality disorders. They can be differentiated with symptoms. One of the personality disorders is schizotypy. Rado made the initial use of the term schizotypal, but Meehl proposed that it is an integrative neural defect, and named schizotaxia, which is mostly inherited by some family members of schizophrenic individuals, and that the various forms of schizophrenic illness result from subsequent environmental influences interacting with this deficit. (Millon and Blaney 2009,pp.699-700)
Some of the symptoms can be characterized as they are learners and have extreme anxiety in social situations. They are very suspicious and eccentric in nature. They lack close friends and are in 50 percent depression and be in social isolation. They believe in the sixth sense and magical thinking. This endangers them towards social dysfunction and with limited career options. (Shohov 2002, p.151)
Given It is well stated that the demonstration of an intact theory of mind probably represents the pinnacle achievement of social cognition. There is a plethora of research that has found that people with schizophrenia underperform (attain low scores) on tasks of ToM. High scores on measures of schizotypy are believed to be indicative of psychosis–proneness, with particular reference to schizophrenia. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Assessing the Theory of Mind and Schizotypy Research Paper.
(Assessing the Theory of Mind and Schizotypy Research Paper)
Assessing the Theory of Mind and Schizotypy Research Paper.
“Assessing the Theory of Mind and Schizotypy Research Paper”.
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