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Philosophy: Body and Mind - Essay Example

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The author examines the relation between P- consciousness and A-consciousness Block has portrayed and discusses how he has explained these two types of consciousness. According to Block P-consciousness is a kind of experience. Block suggests that P-conscious properties are experiential properties …
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Philosophy: Body and Mind
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Download file to see previous pages Aristotle actually flailed to find the distinction between average and immediate velocity, and this caused huge confusion in the field of science. Similarly, the Florentine Experimenters of the 17th Century used a single word for temperature and for heat, and thereby generated paradoxes. All these cases are very different from the case of consciousness, but there is a similarity, one that they all share with the case of `consciousness. The similarity lies in the fact that in all these cases and in the case of consciousness very different concepts are treated as a single concept. Block suggests that P-conscious properties are experiential properties. Block has defined P-conscious states as some experiential states, i.e. a state can be called P-conscious only if it has experiential properties. He has illustrated the concept of P- consciousness with some examples. An individual is said to have P-conscious states when he can see, hear, smell, taste and have pains. P-conscious properties generally include the experiential properties of sensations, feelings, and perceptions. But Block has added some more experimental properties, including thoughts, wants, and emotions. According to Block thoughts are P-conscious possibly because it is just a series of mental images or subvocalizations. It is also quite possible that, as block points out, the contents of thoughts themselves have a P-conscious aspect independently of their vehicles. Block points out one crucial thing that a particular trait of P-consciousness that is often missed is that differences in intentional content often make a P-conscious difference.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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