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Personal Assessment of Values, Leadership, and Ethics - Case Study Example

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This paper "Personal Assessment of Values, Leadership, and Ethics" focuses on the fact that values and ethics are held in different perspectives by each individual. The perceptions of right and wrong, religious beliefs, and individual attitudes are shaped by their experiences.  …
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Personal Assessment of Values, Leadership, and Ethics
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Download file to see previous pages In my opinion, good leaders are not born with the leadership quality; they have to be nurtured, trained and also learn the qualities to be able to lead. If anyone has the zeal, strong will, and desire, he/she can be a good leader. Leadership is a quality through which a person or a group of persons can guide, help, guide, in order to deal with with a particular situation or reaching an aim. To my understanding, leadership qualities are acquired; it can not be merely passed on from generation to generation or comes on its own. A continuous process of self-development, study, learning, training and experience is required in order for the leader to be successful and good. Leaders are the first and foremost representative of the team and also the inspiration and support. I believe that there are certain things which a leader has to abide by, possess certain qualities and should have the information of the same, For an effective leadership skill a leader has to be aware of the surroundings, has to think out of the box and try to improvise their actions and thoughts, day in and out.
Leadership within any context, in my opinion, must encompass a team-based approach that involves others in decision making and guiding the team to the desired goals and objectives. Organizations can only flourish when leaders provide the workforce with the guiding force and motivation to deliver to the best of their capabilities and join hands to meet the defined targets and goals. My desire is to be an effective organizational leader who can coordinate and communicate with his team members to provide solutions and alternatives that work best in given situations. As a leader, I want to promote respect for culture and diversity at the workplace, motivate and inspire the workforce for nurturing a positive work environment. I believe that this can be suitably achieved by rewarding those who deserve to be rewarded to appreciate and acknowledge their efforts.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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